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Pitch products are used by industry and government in more than 40 countries across the world by more than 500 customers including Boeing, Mitsubishi, NASA, Airbus, Thales, CAE, EuroControl, BAE Systems, IABG and many more. Our products capture more than twenty years of experience from building distributed systems.

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Pitch Infrastructure Product Family

Pitch Infrastructure is used in thousands of organizations for large and small scale distributed simulations. Success Stories range from being used as the backbone for large international civil-military exercises “Viking” with 2500 participants from 30 countries to being the core of the new Gladiator Program for the UK Royal Air Force. It's also used for space simulations by NASA and ESA and other cutting-edge simulation industries.

Pitch Talk Product Family

Pitch Talk is used all over the world in a variety of settings. An embedded version of it is included in VBS by Bohemia Interactive Simulation, used by thousands of users. It is used as the voice backbone for simulations developed for the French Army. It is used for pilot training in the Swedish Air Force. The Belgian Army uses Pitch Talk with connections to their live radios, enabling powerful Live-Virtual training.

Pitch Debrief Product Family

Pitch Debrief is used in high-end flight simulators such as the BAE Systems Typhoon simulators in UK. It is used for reviewing door gunner operations in Black Hawk simulators. It is embedded in a Tactical Command Trainer for the Swedish army, synchronized recording and playback of video, audio and simulation data. It is under integration in many other customer simulators around the world.


Make your systems work together using the open international HLA standard

Communicate using voice, intercom, radio and chat with scalability and management

Add synchronized debrief capabilities to simulation and training exercises.

Monitor and control your simulations across your organization

Connect your Simulation to the Unreal Engine using the Open Standard HLA.

Record, inspect, play back and export your HLA, DIS, Link 16 and other simulation data

Connect Live and Virtual radio communications through Pitch Talk.

Connect federations with different RTIs, FOMs or different performance profiles

Connect federations of different security classifications

Connect simulations across WAN with performance and fault tolerance

Integrate your DIS applications and your HLA federations with monitoring and filtering

Integrate video and simulation data in your simulation infrastructure


Visualize your scenario in the KML viewers such as Google Earth

Create, maintain, visualize and analyze object models for information exchange

Generate a royalty-free HLA module in C++, C# or Java for your simulation. Also supports DIS

Buy Maintenance to your products and get access to Pitch Priority Support and Product Updates

Pitch Products Cookbook

Pitch products cookbook provides an overview of how to use our products in a number of different scenarios. These range from development, local deployment, cloud deployment and bridging to other standards.