Pitch products are used by industry and government in more than 40 countries,  including customers such as BAE Systems, Boeing, Mitsubishi, NASA, Airbus, Thales, CAE, EuroControl, IABG and many more. Our products capture more than thirty years of experience from building distributed simulation systems.

Pitch Infrastructure

Thousands of distributed simulation systems within various industries are using Pitch Infrastructure as the backbone of their systems. All products are built on the open HLA standard, which guarantees an interoperable, secure, and scalable environment for all your simulation needs.

Pitch Talk

Communicate using voice, intercom, radio and chat in simulation and training exercises. Talk can be used as is, adapted with custom radio panels, or completely embedded in larger systems. With support for radio effects, central management, and built on the idea of a unified HLA infrastructure, the solution has been widely adopted.

Pitch Debrief

Add powerful debrief capabilities to your training systems. All data from simulation, media, and audio is recorded in a synchronized data pool. With a simple click, it’s all ready for playback, which saves you hours of manual work when performing During Action Review (DAR) and After Action Review (ARR).

Developer Tools

Make developing and maintaining your HLA federations a breeze with Pitch suite of developer tools. Use Visual OMT to create, maintain, visualize and analyze object models, Developer Studio to generate a royalty-free HLA module in C++, C# or Java, and the Unreal Engine Connector to connect your HLA or DIS based simulation to Epic Games Unreal Engine. 

Make your systems work together using the open international HLA standard.

Monitor and control your simulations across your organization.

Connect simulations across WAN with performance and fault tolerance.

Integrate your DIS applications and your HLA federations with monitoring and filtering.

Integrate video and simulation data in your simulation infrastructure.

Connect federations of different security classifications.

Visualize your scenario in the KML viewers such as Google Earth.

Connect federations with different RTIs, FOMs, or different performance profiles.

Communicate using voice, intercom, radio and chat with scalability and management.

Connect Live and Virtual radio communications through Pitch Talk.

Add synchronized debrief capabilities to simulation and training exercises.

Record, inspect, play back and export your HLA, DIS, Link 16 and other simulation data

Create, maintain, visualize and analyze object models for information exchange.

Generate a royalty-free HLA module in C++, C# or Java for your simulation. Also supports DIS.

Connect your Simulation to Unreal Engine using the Open Standard HLA.

Pitch products cookbook

Pitch products cookbook provides an overview of how to use our products in a number of different scenarios. These range from development, local deployment, cloud deployment and bridging to other standards.

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