Pitch Recorder

Record, Inspect and Analyze

Pitch Recorder supports the federation during its whole lifecycle from development and integration to After Action Review. It is the perfect tool for capturing data from your simulation. Monitor in real-time how data is produced when your simulation is executed, inspect and visualize your simulation data. Replay your simulation data into your federation for powerful after action review.

Pitch Recorder supports exchange of simulation data between sites and organizations. You can also export and refine your simulation data in other applications such as statistical software, spreadsheet, etc. Any type of FOM is supported; customized FOMs or standard FOMs with extensions.


Capture the Data in Your Federation

During full-scale execution of federations Pitch Recorder is used to monitor the data production and to capture data for later reuse. Use bookmarks and annotations. During after-action analysis Pitch Recorder can be used to inspect recorded data, play it back or to export it to analysis software.

Save Time and Money During Integration

Use Pitch Recorder™ during the early integration phase to record and exchange data between different sites for testing purposes. At full integration, record data and inspect it to pin-point problems such as incorrect or missing data.

Scalable Architecture

Pitch Recorder comes with a built-in database for desktop use. For development and smaller federations you can start recording immediately. For large exercises you can simply switch over to a full-blown SQL server on a dedicated machine. This is how Pitch Recorder is used when supporting some of the world’s largest exercises.

Supports a Wide Range of Information

With Pitch Recorder you can capture record, inspect and play back many types of data in perfect synch. Some examples of supported data streams are: HLA Evolved, HLA 1516-2000, HLA 1.3, DIS and audio in perfect sync. Link 16 is also supported.

Extend and Adapt

You can extend Pitch Recorder with your own data stream using plug-in. Record data into different channels, inspect and export decoded data. Use bookmarks and annotations. You can even embed Pitch Recorder inside your own solution.

FOM Agile and Embeddable

Pitch Recorder supports any domain and FOM out of the box with no programming needed. For HLA it can record, inspect and playback many types of events: object registration, attribute updates, interactions including parameters, synchronization points, save/restore operations and more.

Purchase Pitch Recorder

Get the full version together with world-class support and updates through Pitch and our Distributors.
You may also request a 30 day evaluation of the full version.

Technical Specifications

Data Streams

  • HLA Evolved (IEEE 1516-2010)
  • HLA IEEE 1516-2000 (including DLC)
  • HLA 1.3
  • DIS version 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Audio (local line in/out)
  • User-defined data streams


  • PostgreSQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • In-memory database (included)
  • Local file database (included)

Control messages when embedded

  • Load/save projects
  • Set record/playback/pause/loop/rewind/fast forward mode
  • Add/delete/list bookmarks
  • Go to time/bookmark

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/2008, 8.1/2012, 10/2016/2019, 11/2022
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

Third Party add-ons

  • SIMPLE Link 16 (by DIGINEXT)

Typical performance

  • 40 million events per hour