Pitch Talk Product Family

A Key Element in Training

Radio and voice procedures are a key element when training military and civilian operations. Air force operations include pilots and controllers communicating on different radio channels. Army operations include commanders, drivers and gunners operating intercoms and radios. Civil-military operations include a wide range of communication modes, of the also including text and chat.

A Powerful Communications Solution

Pitch Talk offers a powerful communications solution that can be run out of the box, be embedded in simulators, be connected to live radios and interoperate with existing virtual radios. Simulate radio, intercom, chat and add admin audio. It provides a centralized planning tool that where communication plans can be designed and deployed in minutes. Hundreds of training stations can be reset and reconfigured at the click of a mouse.

Used all over the World

Pitch Talk is used all over the world in a variety of settings. An embedded version of it is included in VBS by Bohemia Interactive Simulation, used by thousands of users. It is used as the voice backbone for simulations developed for the French Army. It is used for pilot training in the Swedish Air Force. The Belgian Army uses Pitch Talk with connections to their live radios, enabling powerful Live-Virtual training.

The Product Line

The Pitch Talk starter kit provides the core of the product. It contains the administration server and ten clients with two different face plates. The SDK for developing custom clients, programmatic control of the server and API for the effects server is included, as well as a DIS radio gateway. More clients and servers can be added as your requirements grow.

The Pitch Recorder enables you to record, analyze and play back training sessions with excellent scalability and performance. Recording can be done in sync with simulation data from all types of simulators using HLA or DIS.

Pitch LVC Connector is a hardware product that makes it possible to connect live radios with virtual radios in a Pitch Talk exercise. Add several connectors to support several frequencies. The connector is very flexible and can connect to a wide range of real radios.

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Pitch Talk can be customized for your needs.