Pitch Café Spring 2021

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We will be hosting free webinars on a series of topics related to distributed simulation. See below for more information on upcoming sessions. Webinar presentations and demonstrations will be approximately 30 minutes long followed by Q&A with experts.


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Date SessionTime slots.
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20-AprPitch pRTI Features You Need to Know10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST
6-MayExperiences from the SISO SpaceFOM at the European Space Agency10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST
13-MayPitch Visual OMT Features You Need to Know10:00 CET
18-MayPitch Extender Features You Need to Know10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST
3-JuneBuilding a Unified Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST
10-JuneSimulating Tactical Data Links15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST
15-JunePitch Media Streamer Features You Need to Know10:00 CET
15:30 CET /
09:30 US EST

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Pitch pRTI Features You Need to Know

Mikael Karlsson

Pitch pRTI gives you all the tools you need to develop, debug, evaluate, deploy and control your federates and federations. Join us in a look at five specific features of world’s premier commercial RTI:

  • Control Center
  • Friendly Errors
  • Web View
  • Trace Settings
  • Mixing HLA versions

We will show how you can get an overview of your federation as well as access to detailed information about the activities of your federates. You will find how to access performance data, including call and callback rates, logical time, federate configuration and much more. pRTI also gives helpful error messages that include tips and advice on how to fix any errors. We will also take a quick look at how pRTI makes it possible to mix federates from different HLA versions.

The webinar presents a unique opportunity to hear from our lead RTI Developer with decades of experience. It is a must-attend for Systems Architects and Software Developers whether you are a current user of pRTI or interested in learning some of the most powerful features.

Experiences from the SISO SpaceFOM at the European Space Agency

Björn Möller and Steven Kay (GMV NSL)

Space organisations around the world use HLA based distributed simulation in support of combined operations from capability development and training to mission support. In 2020, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organisation (SISO) approved the HLA Space FOM open standard for space simulation interoperability following early adoptions within NASA and ESA. One of the early adopters is at the ESA funded Harwell Robotic and Autonomy Facility (HRAF) in the UK, which looks to provide advanced capabilities to support the development and testing of complex autonomous systems for the exploration of our Solar System.

In this webinar, Bjorn Moller from Pitch will be joined by the guest speaker Steven Kay, an expert in Robotics from GMV NSL, to discuss the Space FOM experiences from HRAF Pilot 3. This pilot focused on the development of an HLA Space FOM federation specialized for space exploration scenarios such as Mars Sample Return. The webinar comes highly recommended for System Architects, Software Developers and Robotics Engineers looking to build advanced space simulations involving multiple models, MATLAB, hardware and processors in the loop.

Pitch Visual OMT Features You Need to Know

Nicke Sievert

Join us for a demonstration of some of the powerful features of Pitch Visual OMT product that is designed to develop and evolve Federation Object Model (FOM) of your distributed simulation project with ease and stability. This technical demonstration will cover some of the common best practices built into the Rule Engine, support for older and upcoming HLA versions, as well as exporting FOM to a human readable format.

The session will feature:

  • Rule Engine demonstration
  • HLA 4 class merging
  • Import and export of older HLA versions
  • Export of a FOM to PDF
  • Compare FOMs

This webinar comes highly recommended for System Architects, Software Developers and Project Managers of distributed simulation projects using HLA, whether you are a current user of Pitch Visual OMT or interested in learning about the product.

Pitch Extender Features You Need to Know

Tom Gray
Tom Gray

Pitch Extender creates a bridge between two different HLA federations. It allows you to connect federates that need to be in the same execution, but have differences that would otherwise not allow them to communicate properly. For example, federates that use different RTI vendors and FOMs or have incompatible performance limitations.

This webinar will guide you through the common Pitch Extender use cases, and demonstrate how Extender’s features can be best used to solve them. The webinar promises to give some valuable insights to Project Managers, System Engineers and Software Developers looking for cost effective bridging solutions for advanced distributed simulation systems for defence, space, ATC and other applications.

Building a Unified Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation

Tom Gray
Tom Gray

Pitch Infrastructure is used in thousands of organizations for large and small distributed simulations including NASA, ESA, the UK Royal Air Force, Boeing, Mitsubishi and others. This webinar will provide an overview of some of the challenges in building distributed simulations and how Pitch Infrastructure family of products are addressing these challenges using an open standards based backbone with performance, robustness and scalability.

The webinar is a must-attend if you are a Project Manager, System Engineer or Software Developer looking to embark on building advanced and enduring distributed simulation systems for defence, space, ATC and other applications where distributed simulations are composed using components from multiple sources – government-off-the-shelf, commercial-off-the-shelf or in-house solutions. Modern simulation solutions such as Digital Twins are increasingly distributed on computing resources over local and wide area networks often using Cloud technologies. A unified simulation infrastructure is needed to integrate all components and data streams (HLA/DIS based simulations, gaming, audio, video, data links and more) in a coherent fashion for development, real time execution and after action play back and guarantee that data streams are synchronised, simulation results are valid, and produce expected outputs.

Fredrik Antelius and Laurent Mounet (CS Group)

Tactical Data Links (TDL) are increasingly used by different NATO countries to obtain a clear tactical situation ( Units, Tracks, Geographic reports, Command, Control, Electromagnetic Warfare information…). Simulation is used to test and validate TDL services provided by real TDL systems over military protocols like SIMPLE or JREAP-C. However, interoperable LVC simulations depend on common standards to such as DIS and HLA for information exchange.

This webinar will provide an overview of TDLs and associated standards, and how commercial products such as TactX from CS Group implements TDLs for LVC simulation using open standards. It will discuss some of the methods of exchanging TDL information between LVC systems by taking an experimentation around the Gripen aircraft as a use case. The webinar will also provide foresight of some of the features coming part of the future HLA 4 standard such as Link16 and RPR FOM merging without conflicts. The webinar will be highly recommended for System Architects, Simulation Project Managers and Developers.

Pitch Media Streamer Features You Need to Know

Thomas Brännström

With Pitch Media Streamer you can freely mix simulation data and media streams in your training and analysis activities. Capture, monitor and distribute student screens and video camera streams. Record and playback your streams fully synchronized with your simulation data for after action review and feedback. Monitor and review exercises across different sites.

This webinar will give an overview of the Pitch Media Streamer, but also talk about how to set up, how to capture video streams, control the routing of video streams, record video streams, and how to display video streams, all over HLA. We will give you some tips and tricks on how to maximize the benefit of the Pitch Media Streamer, how to stream huge amount of video data over HLA.

This webinar comes highly recommended for System Architects, Integrators and Software Developers of distributed simulation projects using HLA, whether you are a current user of Pitch Media Streamer or interested in learning about the product.


Need hands-on HLA Training?

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Pitch Recorder 3 – Introducing “Keyframe Jump”

Discover the latest Pitch Recorder 3.0 introducing a significant and unique new capability called “Keyframe Jump”. This feature guarantees that playback of a simulation recording always begins with accurate states.

Pitch Recorder is a powerful tool for capturing any type of data from your simulation for real-time monitoring and debugging as well as replaying in support of after action reviews. Record and playback all data streams HLA/DIS, Audio, Video in synchronization. Works with object model of your choice, whether RPR FOM, NETN FOM, Space FOM, ATM FOM or other. Control from any UI including web-based UIs and easily store in variety of database formats.

YouTube video on Keyframe Jump

Learn more about the Pitch Recorder here.


Catch-up on Pitch Café Webinars

Take the time to catch up on the latest distributed simulation technologies with Pitch.

We have hosted free webinars on a series of topics related to distributed simulation.

In 2020 Pitch delivered a total of 15 Pitch Café webinars with more than 13 hours of information on distributed simulation to more than 500 participants from over 20 countries. Webinar presentations and demonstrations have been approximately 30 minutes long followed by Q&A with experts.

See below for more information on past sessions.

2020 Webinars Recap

Spring Series

23 April Building Space Simulations with HLA, the Space FOM

28 April Simulated Radio

30 April Build Distributed Simulations with ease

20 May Introduction to Cross-Domain Security for Training

28 May Time Management in HLA Made Easy

10 June HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation

25 June Building a Unified Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation

Autumn Series

17 Sep Discover RPR FOM 3 & Pitch Experience on RPR FOM

29 Sep Building Space Simulations with HLA and the Space FOM

6 Oct Next generation distributed simulation using HLA4

15 Oct Pitch Talk: vCONNECT Crew Communication Analytics

27 Oct Introduction to distributed simulation

05 Nov Build Distributed Simulations with ease

10 Nov Cross-Domain Security – The bigger picture

19 Nov Distributed Air Force Training using HLA


Bjorn M, Damon, Martin, Tom , Boris, Suranga & Patrick


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If you need a full HLA Training course for your developer team, we can offer that too remotely!

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Pitch Technologies Awarded Epic MegaGrant

Pitch Technologies is proud to announce the receipt of a substantial award from the 100 M$ Epic Games MegaGrant fund. The grant enables Pitch to develop new technologies for combining its leading simulation capabilities, based on open standards, with the Unreal Engine. The result will be an architecture that makes game-based simulation and training more distributed, high-performing and secure.

“Our collaboration with Epic Games will make the power of the Unreal Game Engine more accessible to simulation developers. Pitch has a leading position in the open standards based simulation community and has a wide range of products that will synergize with Unreal Engine. The collaboration will also help game developers collaborate with simulation developers. Furthermore, this is a stepping-stone for innovation, where the bigger picture can be simulated and interacted with in VR, AR and MR in previously unseen applications.” said Björn Möller, President of Pitch.

Download full press release (pdf)


Pitch And Vocavio Introduce New Communication Analytics Capability To Synthetic Training

[Linkoping, Sweden & Bristol, United Kingdom : 17 June 2020]

Vocavio Technologies has announced the availability of their vCONNECT plug-in for Pitch Talk, a real-time interface to Pitch Technologies’ simulated radio/intercom software product Pitch Talk.

Vocavio’s plug-in ingests Pitch Talk’s audio streams into their vCONNECT analytics platform, for near real-time analysis of team communication performances in synthetic training environments. The vCONNECT platform from Vocavio assesses communication & coordination performance in high workload, high stress environments, measuring non-verbal cues in speech dialog e.g. pitch, rhythm and tone of voice.

Pitch Talk is a communications framework to support distributed simulation, covering a wide range of applications from individual and crew training to theatre level command and control training. Pitch Talk enables high fidelity simulation-based training with highly realistic voice communications through simulated radios and intercoms.

Vocavio Technologies, VP Product, Conor McKenna, said, “Capturing quality audio is critical to generating insights from speech dialog, so developing the vCONNECT plug-in for Pitch Talk was an important step in providing a seamless solution to the synthetic training community. This unique combination blends audio realism in training with scientific analysis to generate insights not previously available.”

Bjorn Möller, Pitch’s President, added, “Vocavio’s connection with Pitch Talk combines a revolutionary and novel communication analysis technology with off-the-shelf simulated radio/intercom. I believe that many defense and also air traffic control customers could enhance both training and operations with Pitch Talk and vCONNECT.”

Vocavio enables simulation providers to assess teams that are training for high-stress high-workload environments. The performance data generated brings a new evidence-based approach to debriefing critical non-technical skills of communication, teamwork and decision making. Scientifically validated in trials with military and commercial pilots. Accessible alongside your existing communications infrastructure, via cloud or enterprise license. Website: Follow us on twitter @VocavioMetrics

Founded in 1991 in Linkoping, Sweden, Pitch Technologies is the world leader in standards-based interoperability products and services for training and simulation. Pitch has sold more than 100,000 licenses to aerospace and defense customers in 38 countries. Our mission is to make systems work together using open standards. Pitch has offices in Sweden, France, UK and USA. More info at

Download press release: Pitch_Vocavio_17_June_2020


HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation


EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE and Pitch would like to invite you to the free webinar on HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation.

Agenda: 10 of June 14:00 CEST / 13:00 BST / 08:00 US ET

  • 14:00 Introduction to the Webinar
  • 14:05 Real-time platforms of future Air Traffic Control and simulation based validation using HLA
    by Thomas Damm (DFS), Jean-Christophe Cota (EUROCONTROL), Martin Johansson (Pitch Technologies)
  • 15:05 Break
  • 15:20 Pitch’s contribution to the ongoing efforts of EUROCAE
    by Boris Pothier and Martin Johansson (Pitch Technologies)
  • 16:10 Close


The webinar will be delivered via WebEx.
For questions contact:

Building a Simulation Infrastructure for the Next Generation European Air Traffic Management System

SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) programme is the primary vehicle founded to demonstrate the viability of the technological and operational solutions for the European Union’s Single European Sky (SES) initiative.

In support of SESAR, EUROCAE leads a number of technical standardisation activities. One of the task forces within EUROCAE, WG-81, is focused on analysing the means, opportunities and technical challenges to enhance the functionality and behaviour of real-time ATM platforms by linking different real-time platforms and by incorporating fast-time models and tools in the run. WG-81 also looks into study requirements for this interoperability and examines the requirements for common data interchange standards, data preparation facilities and high-level exchange protocols.

EUROCONTROL, EUROCAE and Pitch Technologies (Pitch) have been cooperating in support of the above activities and the development of a standardized distributed simulation information exchange model based on ATM Validation Platforms Interoperability Specification (ED-147).

Join us in this webinar to get a detail account of the above ongoing activity and discuss some of the challenges in developing a simulation interoperability infrastructure for building the next generation European Air Traffic Management system.

Discussion Topics

The webinar will be presented in two parts with a short break in between.

The first part will start with an overview of EUROCAE’s activities focusing the Interoperability of ATM Validation Platforms, specifically the work of WG81 Group, which has led to the standardization of an information exchange model called ED-147. It will also discuss the ongoing cooperation between parties to develop a computerized procedure that ingests ED-147 to create a federation object model (FOM) for HLA based distributed simulation.

The second part of the webinar will present a detailed account of Pitch’s contribution to the project developing FOM ED147, associated products and some of the technical challenges.

Thomas Damm
Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH and the Chairman of WG 81

Jean-Christophe Cota


Martin Johansson
Pitch Technologies

Boris Pothier

Boris Pothier
Pitch Technologies

Patrick Penot (moderator)
Pitch Technologies


The EASCG was created as a joint advisory group to coordinate the European ATM-related standardisation activities, essentially stemming from the European ATM Master Plan, in support of Single European Sky (SES) implementation. EUROCAE plays a leading role in this coordination group.
For more information visit


EUROCONTROL is an intergovernmental organisation with 41 Member and 2 Comprehensive Agreement States. We are committed to building, together with our partners, a Single European Sky (SES) that will deliver the air traffic management (ATM) performance required for the twenty-first century and beyond.
For more information visit

About Pitch Technologies

Founded in 1991 in Linkoping, Sweden, Pitch Technologies is the world leader in interoperability products and services for training and simulation. Pitch has sold more than 130,000 software licenses to aerospace and defence customers in 38 countries. Pitch’s products make systems work together using open standards. Pitch has offices in Sweden, France, UK and USA. Pitch is a BAE Systems company.
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Home Working Package from Pitch

As Work From Home is becoming the new norm for majority of us in the midst of coronavirus outbreak, we anticipate more support calls than normal in the coming months.

We want to do everything we can to continue to support you in these exceptional circumstances so that you can carry on with business as usual as much as possible.

Pitch’s Home Working Package offers:

  • Free temporary software licenses so people can continue their regular simulation development work or learn HLA while at home, and
  • Pitch’s highly praised, free, 'HLA Tutorial'

In addition, Pitch will offer some webinars on specific topics in coming weeks.

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Pitch France New Office in Paris

Pitch Technologies in France is happy to announce our new address in central Paris, from February 2020:

Full address:
Pitch Technologies
8 Rude de la Michodière
75002 Paris – France
Tel: +33 (0)1 55 43 13 36



Pitch completed exercise support for Swedish Army ASÖ 19

Swedish Army land warfare center during Tactical Command Training
Photo Courtesy of Mats Carlsson/Swedish Armed Forces

In September, Pitch provided system configuration and management plus exercise support for ASÖ 19, a week-long Swedish Army staff exercise involving 454 participants at 3 sites, engaging brigade staffs to develop ground tactical capabilities.

Major Björn Lahger, head of the Swedish Army’s staff training facility at Markstridsskolan (Ground Combat School) said, “Pitch has provided a necessary support to us, to be able to conduct the first distributed exercise of this size at the army land warfare center.”Read more about the ASÖ exercise (in Swedish) on Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmaktens) website:

Pitch is contracted to maintain and support the Tactical Command Trainer, LTS-Bat, originally developed by BAE Systems. The training system is used for command and staff training at battalion and up to double brigade level exercises with up to 1100 military participants.


Pitch Delivers Secure Simulation Infrastructure to the UK Royal Air Force

LONDON, Nov. 20, 2019 – Pitch Technologies is delighted to announce that it was awarded a long-term contract from the prime contractor, Boeing Defence UK, to deliver simulation infrastructure tools and support services for the development of Royal Air Force’s (RAF) new multi-year training programme called “Gladiator”. 

The programme is the pathfinder to a series of future training systems programmes establishing RAF’s future simulation based operational training capability. It will deliver a simulation hub at RAF Waddington enabling RAF crews and supporting ground forces to train together in complex training scenarios at multiple dispersed locations and with NATO and other allied nations. 

In line with UK Ministry of Defence’s strategic direction towards High Level Architecture (HLA) standard for modelling and simulation interoperability, Pitch will provide commercial- off-the-shelf interoperability tools for simulation development, distributed real-time execution, data recording and synchronised playback. Pitch will also provide key software components for Cross-Domain Security (CDS), enabling training across different levels of information security. 

“Pitch Technologies is thrilled to support the Royal Air Force in its move to HLA, a move we are seeing around the world. For us it also confirms our market leading position in distributed training based on open standards and security in simulation.” said Bjorn Moller, President of Pitch Technologies. “We’re also pleased to work together with Boeing in the development of this capability and delivery of services over the next five years.”

Press release available here.

More information about the Gladiator program is available at