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Pitch Debrief v 1.4.0

This version adds support for recording from and playing back data into multiple federations in a single Debrief Environment. Also includes several improvements to the Pitch Debrief web client. Pitch Recorders used by Pitch Debrief must now be of version 3.2.0 or later. GENERAL IMPROVEMENTS DETAILS Want to learn more?

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Join us at I/ITSEC 2023

In a rapidly evolving world, the need to seamlessly interoperate and train across organizational, national, and international borders is critical. The landscape of modern warfare is undergoing a significant transformation with emerging elements like drones and cyber attacks reshaping the battleground. This shift demands quick adaptation and innovation from policymakers,

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Pitch Recorder v 3.2.0

This release introduces Embed API changes to improve Bookmark management, as well as adding File caching features for use with Pitch Debrief. Also includes updated libraries and several fixes. IMPROVEMENTS FIXES Want to learn more? To read more about our products, make sure to visit our product pages. As the need for

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Pitch pRTI v 5.5.9

This release fixes a problem with ownership during resign, and an issue with dropped best-effort updates immediately after an object registration. In addition, it solves a case where reflect callbacks could occur before the corresponding discover callback had been registered. The draft HLA 4 API has been updated and samples

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A comparision of RPR-FOM and SpaceFOM

Distributed simulation is a key technology, both for Earth based scenarios such as defense training, as well as for space exploration. There are also SISO standards to match: the Realtime Platform Reference FOM for defense and security and the SpaceFOM for space simulation. But why do we have two standards,

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Join us for CAX Forum

The CA²X² Forum is drawing closer by the day, and soon the corridors of the Ergife Palace Hotel & Conference Center in Rome will resonate with interesting conversations about Modelling and Simulation (M&S). From October 3rd to 5th, this premier event, organized by the NATO Modelling and Simulation Centre of

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