Pitch Developer Studio 6.3

This version of Developer Studio comes with improved robustness in displaying info for Best Effort transportation combined with create and initialized attributes. It also adds features like optional cleaning of the output directory when generating as well as a button for reloading the FOM modules. Please note that using HLA 4 preview features requires pRTI 5.5.9 or later.


  1. Show transportation type in GUI. Show info for Best Effort transportation combined with create and initialized attributes.
  2. Request attribute update more than once for uninitialized instances (default 3 times, 1sec apart). Default behavior can be changed using Tuning. 
  3. Optionally clean output directory when generating (if it exist), for example if an object class has been removed from the project. 
  4. Added support for 32-bit GCC 7.3.
  5. Deprecated the following C++ compilers: GCC 3.4, Visual Studio 2005 (vc80), 2008 (vc90), 2010 (vc100), and 2012 (vc110), and Clang 5. Based in EOL from Microsoft and Unix OS vendor.
  6. Deprecated profiles using WSDL, HLA 2000 and HLA 2000 DLC APIs. The following C++ (and C#) driver profiles: A, D, and Java profiles: A, F, H, J have been deprecated. Based on lack to users. 
  7. Errors or warning (like no write access to output directory or error in templates) from the code generation are now displayed in the GUI or on the command line. 
  8. Generated C++ code now uses “const ref” for parameters where possible.
  9. Name reservations are now released immediately to avoid issues with ownership transfer. 
  10. The set of FOM modules can now be reloaded by pressing the “Reload FOMs” button. It will reload all FOM modules from disk. If not found, you can use the existing version or locate the file on disk. 
  11. The version of the RTI Driver, both Java and C++, can now be seen by the users. On Windows you can right-click and view details, on Linux and Mac OS we use extended file attributes and for Java you look in the jar file Manifest.


  1. C# code generation now generates the C# Overview documentation
  2. Refreshed all screenshots in User’s Guide.

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