Pitch Infrastructure Product Family

Build Powerful Simulations

Distributed simulation makes it possible to build more powerful simulations than ever before. Many persons can train together in a common virtual world. Simulations from different groups or organizations can be combined for training of different functions, Engineering models can be developed with many components working together. Complex scenarios can be analyzed.

An Architecture for Distributed Simulation

The Pitch Infrastructure product family provides an architecture for distributed simulation based on the open international standard HLA (IEEE 1516). It provides superior performance, scalability, robustness and fault tolerance. Open standards help customers avoid proprietary frameworks and vendor lock-in. Take advantage of the eco-system of HLA-compliant systems and draw upon the experiences of the international community of HLA experts.

Used in Thousands of Organizations

Pitch Infrastructure is used in thousands of organizations for large and small distributed simulations. It is the backbone of large international civil-military exercises such as “Viking” with 2500 participants from 30 countries. It is the core of the new training infrastructure of the UK Royal Air Force. It is the backbone of space simulations at NASA and ESA. Boeing, Mitsubishi, Thales and other cutting-edge simulation industries use Pitch Infrastructure.

The Product Line

Pitch pRTI is the core of the Pitch Infrastructure family. It implements the latest HLA standard. It provides information exchange for any application domain, based on flexible information models, known as FOMs. It provides synchronization of time, data messages, and startup/shutdown. It provides monitoring and management, both through graphical user interfaces and programmatically.

Pitch Commander makes it possible to monitor and control distributed simulations running on several computers. Make the startup and execution of simulations more efficient and reduce down-time using scripts. Discover and restart simulations that have issues. Verify the data flow between simulations. Extend and adapt using the plug-in architecture.

Pitch Booster makes it easy to run distributed simulation across Wide Area Networks, such as enterprise networks or the Internet. Increase throughput and fault-tolerance. Traverse firewalls while maintaining full network security. Certificate-based encryption is also available.

Pitch DIS Adapter enables interoperability with systems using the older DIS (IEEE 1278) standard. This makes it possible to create a backbone based on HLA while reusing existing islands of DIS systems. Mix and match systems and migrate as your budget permits.

Pitch Media Streamer creates a backbone for video streams over HLA. Integrate video and data into one well-managed backbone. Monitor and control the source and destination of media streams.

Pitch CDS Gateway adds support for secure cross-domain simulation for any application domain. Build distributed simulation federations that connects different security domains while controlling the release of data base on policies. Support higher or lower assurance requirements using different types of software/hardware guards or firewalls.

Pitch KLM Streamer creates a live link between KML viewers (such as Google Earth) and an HLA simulation. Each user that connects, locally or from a remote location, can view the status and position of entities like cars, aircrafts, ship, humans, etc.

The Unreal Engine Connector connects the Epic Games Unreal Engine with the HLA and DIS interoperability standards. This enables customers in simulation industry to seamlessly integrate current and future simulations with cutting-edge game technology.

Pitch Extender creates a bridge between two different HLA federations. It can be used to connect two different federations into one or to partition one federations into two. Pitch Extender allows you to select which data that will be bridged between the federations, based upon the FOM on each side.

Also consider our development tools:

Pitch Visual OMT for object model development and Pitch Developer Studio for generating C++,  Java or C# to add HLA support to your simulations. Log, inspect, analyze and play back data using Pitch Recorder. For a list of all Pitch’s products, look here.

Pitch Infrastructure can be customized for your needs.