Pitch Commander

Monitor and Control Your Simulations

Pitch Commander enables you to stay in control of your entire simulation setup. It allows you to remotely manage federations, computers, applications and networks. Build customized dashboards for your users and control your simulations using scripts.
You can use Pitch Commander™ during all phases of your federation development. It shortens the integration and deployment time and assures higher uptime for the federation, saving money and reducing risk. Use it for troubleshooting and debugging of federations and to identify problematic federation designs, to analyze and potentially tune performance.
Pitch Commander™ lets you remotely startup simulation applications, monitor the CPU, memory and network usage of any computer running in the network. Monitor how simulated objects are registered and discovered. Get in charge of Time management status, initiate save, restore, scenario selection and much more.


Streamline Your Training and Testing

Pitch Commander significantly reduces the time it takes to start up a simulation. It also ensures that all required systems are started in the right sequence. Even more important, if something goes wrong it is much easier to locate the problem and take action.

Cloud Control

Pitch Commander makes it easy to monitor and control simulations that are deployed in the Cloud, no matter if it is a private or public cloud. You get the same fine-grained monitoring as if they were locally deployed. Use Commander together with Pitch Booster for optimal Cloud deployment.

Build Customer Solutions with Web based Dashboards

Build your own solutions with dashboards that enables end users to perform monitoring and control from a web browser. Design using text, graphics, interactive elements, controls and indicators. Enable users to easily perform complex tasks by pushing a button.

Script Your Startup and Monitoring

Pitch pRTI is the best performing RTI in the market. Update rates of more than 500 000 updates per second can be achieved on standard Windows computers, for standard position (“spatial”) updates of 100 bytes. Latency is less than 100 μs on local area networks.

Extend and Customize

While Pitch Commander contains a rich set of monitoring and control features, you may still want to add some specialized features. The plug-in architecture enables you to add your own features, like control of a motion platform or monitoring of the temperature of a computer. Your new features can be used in dashboards and can be used by scripts.

Advanced Security

Pitch Commander offers several security mechanisms. Give different access levels to different users of the web interface. You also get fine grained control of which systems that can be monitored or controlled by which Commander. Combine it with the security features of Pitch Booster for even greater control.

Purchase Pitch Commander

Get the full version together with world-class support and updates through Pitch and our Distributors.
You may also request a 30 day evaluation of the full version.

Technical Specifications


  • Hosts (CPU, network, disk, …)
  • Applications (start/stop, status)
  • Networks (latency/throughput)
  • Federates (objects, send/receive rate)

Supported standards

  • HLA IEEE 1516-2010 (“HLA Evolved”)
  • HLA IEEE 1516-2000 (including DLC)
  • HLA 1.3
  • DIS 4, 5, 6, 7


  • Predefined Dashboards
  • User defined dashboards with monitoring, control, navigation, text and pictures

Scripting features

  • Flexible Python-based scripting
  • All monitoring and actions in GUI can be called in user-defined scripts
  • Debugging environment
  • Assign scripts to user-defined buttons

Operating Systems

  • Windows
    7/2008, 8.1/2012, 10/2016/2019, 11/2022
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

File Transfer

  • Deploy to host
  • Collect from host

Standard Edition

  • Monitor and control up to ten hosts on a local network

Professional Edition

  • Monitor and control up to 30 hosts
  • LAN and WAN environments
  • Create scripts that start up, control or shut down several simulators
  • Assign scripts to buttons for convenient access

Enterprise Edition

  • Monitor and control very large distributed federations with unlimited number of hosts
  • LAN and WAN environments
  • Create scripts that start up, control or shut down several simulators
  • Extend the feature set using plug­ins
  • Deployment and collection of data files with controlled bandwidth usage