Pitch Debrief Product Family

During and After Action Review

After action review and During action review are key activities for successful training. It provides insights into what went well and what needs to be improved during a training session. It is a starting point for a fruitful dialog between the instructor and the student about the scenario, observations and actions taken or not taken.

A Powerful Solution

Pitch Debrief is a powerful solution that enables after action review out of the box. Review and discuss captured information from screens, cameras and simulation data. Quickly navigate to and focus on interesting events using a timeline and bookmarks. Store and recall sessions to track progress. Embed in your existing simulations to add value.

Used all Around the World

Pitch Debrief is used in high-end flight simulators such as the BAE Systems Typhoon simulators in UK. It is used for reviewing door gunner operations in Black Hawk simulators. It is embedded in a Tactical Command Trainer for the Swedish army, synchronized recording and playback of video, audio and simulation data. It is under integration in many other customer simulators around the world.


Debrief Starter Kit

The Pitch Debrief Starter Kit provides the core of the product. It contains the Pitch Debrief Manager, a Pitch Recorder and a Pitch Media Streamer. Pitch Debrief Manager provides a web-based user interface for managing recording, playback, bookmarking and stored session. The SDK for embedding the solution and for providing programmatic control is also included.

The Pitch Recorder enables you to record, analyze and play back training sessions with excellent scalability and performance. Recording can be done in sync with simulation data from all types of simulators using HLA, DIS and proprietary protocols.

Pitch Media Streamer enables you to consume and produce video streams. It directs streams between different sources, the Pitch Recorder and different destinations using different configurations for record and review.

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