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Multi-domain simulation with HLA and Unreal Engine

Is it possible to simulate over 10 000 entities in HLA and have them visualized in Unreal Engine? If you ask Agenium 3D Labs, seated in Toulouse, France, the answer is yes! With a team of 20 highly specialised 3D-engineers the subsidiary is leading Ageniums efforts to utilise the latest

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The Door Gunner Study

The Helicopter Door Gunner Trainer prototype is the result from a study for the Swedish Air Force. The trainer uses a modular approach and an infrastructure built on Open International and NATO Standards connecting COTS hardware and software, including VBS3. The purpose of the study was to demonstrate a cost

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The World’s Largest Peace Support Training Event

The Viking Exercise series is the world’s premier training exercise that uses the Comprehensive Approach. The exercises are Sweden/US led and involves more than 30 nations. More than 2500 persons are generally involved, most of them staff being trained at different levels. The scenario circles around a Peace and Crisis

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The NATO Education and Training Network

NATO MSG (Modeling and Simulation Groups) develops the new NATO training architecture. Being a large international organisation, distributed training is key for cost efficiency. HLA and simulation infrastructure products from Pitch has enabled this. Pitch has helped the NATO MSG to create the infrastructure for their distributed simulation, enabling training

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Simulations for the NH90 Helicopter

NH90 is the new European midsized, twin-engine, multi-role helicopter. HLA Evolved was a firm requirement for the NH90 crew tactical trainer, which contains a Medium Range Training Device and a Full Mission Flight Simulator. The Simulator project selected the state of the art HLA products from Pitch; Visual OMT, Pitch

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Developing Air Traffic Management Procedures

As Europe is opening up the common Airspace within the EU, the ATM organisation Eurocontrol is in responsible for making sure all is done with safety in focus. The simulation project “Single European Sky” is the tool for achieving this. The project uses simulation to develop, evaluate and train new

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