The Door Gunner Prototype

The Helicopter Door Gunner Trainer prototype is the result from a study for the Swedish Air Force. The trainer uses a modular approach and an infrastructure built on Open International and NATO Standards connecting COTS hardware and software, including VBS3.

The purpose of the study was to demonstrate a cost effective training solutions taking advantage of the latest gaming/entertainment technology. By using standard components there is a possibility of higher re-use and lower life cycle costs. The open architecture allows for cost effective and continuous improvements over the life-time by a very low effort to continuously upgrade the included components.

Watch The Door Gunner in Action

The prototype is used by the Swedish Armed Forces together with FMV and Pitch Technologies to determine how existing tools and technologies can be used to provide low-cost training. 

The Door Gunner is based on the use and integration of COTS (Common Of The Shelf) products which lowers risks, minimizes dependencies, and facilitates easy future development and improvements.


VR & Gaming Technology​

Taking advantage of the rapid development of consumer market VR & Gaming Technology enables the possibility to create cost effective training solutions. Continuous incremental upgrades of the training systems will increase the usability and improve training. 

Open Standards Based Architecture​

Using an Open Standards Architecture is a key enabler for low-cost integration of training systems. Smart procurement and re-use of simulation components based on NATO and international standards, lowers the cost of integration and allows interoperability with other trainers.

Modular Approach​

A modular approach based on standard enables various crew training configurations, mobility and easy upgrades. Use and integration of COTS and GOTS lowers risks, minimises dependencies and facilitates future development and improvements.

Easy to Build

The trainer uses a modular approach both for hardware and software and is designed to fit and to be transported on standard euro-pallets. Since it is designed to be easy to build, 2 persons can set-up the trainer in 1-2 hours in a normal office room with no special requirements. After power is connected the doorgunner is ready for operation thanks to all software being pre-installed. Likewise two persons can easily pack the prototype in the same time.