Pitch Technologies is committed to providing services and tools needed to deliver the most innovative interoperability solutions to our customers. Our experts offer the management, guidance, and technical support you need to successfully integrate distributed simulation systems into interoperable solutions that meet your need. Our customers can be found in all disciplines and domains using distributed simulation from analytical events to space operations training.

Our professional services enable you to offer systems that work together. Benefit from our expertise to reduce risk and get in control of time and cost. We support the entire life cycle from requirements capture, architecture, design, development to test, integration, and operations.

Strategic Consulting

Based on our expertise and knowledge of current and evolving M&S standards, we provide strategic consulting to support our customers in developing M&S policies, strategies, and plans for the effective use of M&S technologies.

Project Management

Pitch has extensive experience in managing federation development projects of all sizes and offers technical project management support for all steps in the development of successful advanced distributed simulations and simulation-based training environments.

Architecture & Design

Interoperability and reuse are the two major concerns when developing federated systems. Pitch offers experienced simulation system architects to support you in designing reusable and interoperable simulation systems based on standards.

Simulation Development

Where COTS solutions cannot be found, Pitch can offer hands-on consulting to Develop or design standards-based customized solutions. Such can be agile HLA layers, interoperability adapters, and/or connectors to existing systems or HLA object models.

Test & Integration

The integration of distributed systems comes with some unique challenges. Our experience in integrating distributed simulations enables us to provide excellent tools and support to reduce risk and shorten integration-time.

Modeling & Simulation as a Service

Pitch offers Modeling and Simulation services that enable flexible and agile use of tools and technologies to support development, test, and integration of distributed simulation environments.‚Äč

Training & Workshops

Pitch offers a complete range of training and offers workshops targeted for management, technical executives, project managers, developers, and system integrators. Our instructors and presenters are highly qualified developers, thought-leaders, and experienced system architects and can provide training on standards for distributed simulation and our products.

Training Solutions & Exercise support

Pitch can support you in developing your complete training solution. We can provide experts and technologies that will make your system interoperable, standards-based, and ready for evolving into the future. Our skilled Field Application Engineers can support you with configuration, prototyping, maintenance, and exercise support.

Research & Standards Development

Pitch provides support for smart use of existing Modelling and Simulation standards and research to further evolve and enhance concepts and technologies. Our experienced system architects and developers provide key support in NATO, EU, national, and company internal R&D programs for enabling enterprise-level connected solutions.

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Pitch services are available worldwide from our offices in Sweden, France, UK and US.