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High-performance Synchronized Video, Audio, Data Capture, and Replay

From Defense Modelling and Simulation to Energy and Utilities, mission-critical sectors record large volumes of real-time data that is subject to replay review and analysis post event. For sectors that rely on accurate data, a major challenge is ensuring video, audio, and data are precisely synchronized. Pitch Technologies will describe

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Pitch Media Streamer Features You Need To Know

With Pitch Media Streamer you can freely mix simulation data and media streams in your training and analysis activities. Capture, monitor and distribute student screens and video camera streams. Record and playback your streams fully synchronized with your simulation data for after action review and feedback. Monitor and review exercises

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Pitch Extender Features You Need To Know

Pitch Extender creates a bridge between two different HLA federations. It allows you to connect federates that need to be in the same execution, but have differences that would otherwise not allow them to communicate properly. This webinar will guide you through the common Pitch Extender use cases, and demonstrate

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Pitch Visual OMT – Features You Need to Know

This webinar demonstrates of some of the powerful features of Pitch Visual OMT product that is designed to develop and evolve Federation Object Model (FOM) of your distributed simulation project with ease and stability. The demo features: Rule Engine demonstration HLA 4 class merging Import and export of older HLA

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