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Experiences from the SpaceFOM at ESA

One of the early adopters of SpaceFOM is at the ESA funded Harwell Robotic and Autonomy Facility (HRAF) in the UK, which looks to provide advanced capabilities to support the development and testing of complex autonomous systems for the exploration of our Solar System. This webinar discusses the HRAF Pilot

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Pitch pRTI Features You Need to Know

Pitch pRTI gives you all the tools you need to develop, debug, evaluate, deploy and control your federates and federations. This webinar looks at five specific features of world’s premier commercial RTI: Control Center Friendly Errors Web View Trace Settings Mixing HLA versions See the full recording of the webinar:

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Discover RPR FOM 3 & Pitch Experience on RPR FOM

The RPR FOM (Real-Time Platform Reference Federation Object Model) is the most widely used data exchange model in defense simulation. This Webinar is an opportunity to discover capacities, evolutions and advantages of the latest standard version of RPR FOM (V3). Pitch will sharing experience on RPR FOM, history; use case,

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Distributed Air Force Training Using HLA

Collective training used to be seen as bringing people together to one place for training. Thanks to modern distributed simulation technologies, defense customers around the world can now train from their home bases and interoperate across different services, and thus break new grounds in the push towards “train as you

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