Pitch Media Streamer

Integrate Video in your Training

Pitch Media Streamer™ enables you to freely mix simulation data and media streams in your training and analysis activities. Capture, monitor and distribute student screens and video camera streams. Record and playback your streams fully synchronized with your simulation data for after action review and feedback. Monitor and review exercises across different sites.

Pitch Media Streamer supports commonly used video compressions, like H.264, and streaming protocols, like UDP and RTP. Our bandwidth guide makes it easy to match your video requirements with your networks.

Pitch Media Streamer runs across simulation networks using highly optimized and fault-tolerant HLA communication over Pitch pRTI. Built-in sender-sider filtering makes sure that only the requested streams are delivered to each network.


Capture Video and Simulation Data in Synch

Video streams and simulation data, like maneuvering and commands, are easily captured with Pitch Recorder. This information can then be played back with the same timing as during the exercise, at the push of a button. The synched information can of course also be exported, exchanged and archived.

Distribute Video Streams Across Sites

Since Pitch Media Streamer builds upon Pitch’s proven HLA technology, video streams can easily be exchanged between different sites using Pitch Booster. Configure stream settings that match the available bandwidth and connect just as easily as on a local area network.

Manage Multiple Channels

Design your own channel plan and exchange multiple streams from multiple sources across the organization. View a multitude of screen or camera sources from one location. Select the channels that you want to see from time to time, no matter if you are monitoring a live exercise or playing back a recording.

Purchase Pitch Media Streamer

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You may also request a 30 day evaluation of the full version.

Technical Specifications

Supported standards

  • HLA IEEE 1516-2010 (“HLA Evolved”)
  • UDP and RTP media streams

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/2008, 8.1/2012, 10/2016/2019, 11/2022
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

Typical sources

  • Computer screens
  • WebCams
  • Network enabled cameras