Pitch Extender

A Bridge Between Federations

Pitch Extender creates a bridge between two different HLA federations. It can be used to connect two different federations into one or to partition one federations into two. Pitch Extender allows you to select which data that will be bridged between the federations, based upon the FOM on each side.

Pitch Extender provides a plug-in API that enables you to add your own filters or to modify the data.


Quickly Fix Integration Issues

If some federates cannot handle the data flow of a large federation you may put it behind a Pitch Extender and reduce the information flow, for example by filtering based on a terrain box. Another case is if one federate sends incorrect data, then put it behind an Pitch Extender and correct the data.

Secure Your Federation

If your federation has to support federates with different classification levels, simply partition the federation and put a Pitch Extender in between. Implement your security policy within Pitch Extender. Restrict the release of data on object class, attributes, interactions or any special criteria inside your own plug-in.

Handle Crashing Federates

Have you ever experienced federates that crash frequently. They often slow down the federation since they need to request a large number of updates when rejoining. The solution is to put them behind a Pitch Extender that caches the most recent data from all other simulations.

Powerful GUI

Pitch Extender contains powerful graphical data flow monitoring. Inspect data flow by object and interaction class. Inspect recent events in the event list. Set up filters graphically based on the FOM by simply checking boxes.

Mix RTIs and FOMs

Use Pitch Extender to connect federates that use different RTIs from different suppliers. It supports all major RTIs. If you are using different FOMs this can also be supported, simply implement data translations in a plug-in.

Plug-ins and Samples

Develop your own plug-ins for Pitch Extender and implement any type of filtering or data modification that you need. A fully working sample is included that shows how to build a terrain box filter for the RPR FOM.

Purchase Pitch Extender

Get the full version together with world-class support and updates through Pitch and our Distributors.
You may also request a 30 day evaluation of the full version.

Technical Specifications

Supported standards

  • HLA IEEE 1516-2010 (“HLA Evolved”)
  • HLA IEEE 1516-2000 (including DLC)
  • HLA 1.3

Filtering Functionality

  • Class-based filtering
  • Value-based filtering using plug-in

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/2008, 8.1/2012, 10/2016/2019, 11/2022
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

User Interface

  • Statistics overview
  • Object view
  • Interaction view
  • Logging
  • Configuration