Pitch CDS Gateway

Cross Domain Security for Simulation

Pitch CDS Gateway is a ground-breaking off-the-shelf software for secure, HLA-based distributed simulation. It enables you to control the release of data between two different HLA federations of different security classification. Run exercises between different domains, such as secret, restricted and open. Pitch CDS Gateway is a proxy application that can be used together with different security devices to match your requirements and policies. It also includes powerful tools to monitor and log the data exchange.


Different Assurance Levels

Pitch CDS Gateway enables data to be passed over security devices that support higher or lower levels of assurance. Use data diodes, FPGA based guards for high assurance. Use regular firewalls for low assurance. Depending on the configuration, both low and high assurance requirement can be met.

Release, Obfuscate, Filter and Log

Data release and obfuscation can be controlled using the built-in policy language. It is also possible to use plug-ins for advanced or dynamic filtering. All runtime events and release of information can be logged, as required, for example using standard logging tools like Syslog.

Control Any Simulation Data

Pitch CDS Gateway enables controlled release of data represented using any Federation Object Model (FOM), such as standard FOMs (SISO RPR FOM, NATO NETN FOM, SISO Space FOM, etc), customized FOM or your own tailored FOMs.

Purchase Pitch CDS Gateway

Get the full version together with world-class support and updates through Pitch and our Distributors.
You may also request a 30 day evaluation of the full version.

Technical Specifications

Data Release Mechanisms

  • Class-based policies (any FOM)
  • Instance-based policies, including SISO-STD-001 RPR-FOM, NATO-STANREC-4800, AMSP-04, NETN FOM
  • Federate-based policies
  • Obfuscation
  • Dynamic policy plug-ins

Supported RTIs

  • HLA Evolved RTIs (IEEE 1516-2010):
    – Pitch pRTI
    – Common third party RTIs


  • File, command line and GUI logging
  • RFC 5424 Syslog support

User Interface

  • Statistics overview
  • Object view
  • Interaction view
  • Logging
  • Configuration

Security Device Support

  • Hardware guards / FPGA
  • Software guards / Firewalls
  • Data Diodes
  • Contact Pitch for details

Operating Systems

  • Windows 7/2008, 8.1/2012, 10/2016/2019, 11/2022
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and higher