Join us at ITEC 2024

Join us in booth C20 at IT²EC 2024 – a three day defence training technology exhibition and technical conference in ExCeL, London from 9-11 April 2024. We’re excited to meet up and share our latest success stories and an interactive demonstration showcasing how cutting-edge programs and initiatives can utilize Pitch’s secure, proven, and scalable products and services to save time and money.

With a foundation deeply rooted in the principles of High-Level Architecture (HLA) and a commitment to open standards, Pitch’s offerings are not just solutions but catalysts for transformation. They are designed to empower defense organizations to rapidly adapt to emerging threats, reduce the time and cost associated with developing bespoke training systems, and elevate the efficacy of joint and coalition exercises. By choosing Pitch, stakeholders in defense and security can transcend traditional boundaries, harnessing the power of collective innovation to craft training scenarios that are as boundless as the potential they unlock.

Secure, Proven & Scalable

Discover how cutting-edge programs and initiatives have transformed their simulations with Pitch’s secure, proven, and scalable support:

  • RAF Gladiator Programme: Pitch’s open standards backbone enabled distributed collective training across multiple security domains.
  • Land Training Test & Reference Capability: As technical advisors, Pitch guided procurement and development of future training systems, ensuring improved coherence, system interoperability, and reuse.
  • Simulating Cyber Effects in Training: Integrating cyber ranges and models with simulated effects, attacks, and countermeasures for multi-domain training.
  • Simulation Backbone for VIKING 22: Facilitating distributed collective training across various security domains.
  • LVC Radio at BELHARRA 23: Integrating LVC radio between a flying AWACS operator and a ground-based flight simulator using Pitch Talk and the Pitch LVC Connector.
  • BAE Door Gunner: Supporting a cost-effective airborne gunnery training solution with a modular architecture based on Open Standards, along with Pitch products and integration support.

Demo: Get ready for HLA 4!

Dive into the practicalities of federated system design with our UAV trainer demo, showcasing how Pitch enables seamless integration of products like VBS 4, Unreal Engine, and MACE—now fully powered by HLA 4 for the first time!

The scenario simulates a patrol column advancing towards a choke point, with the UAV operator tasked with providing reconnaissance and threat identification. To prepare trainees for the multifaceted nature of modern warfare and enhance cyber resilience, we now offer the ability to launch a simulated cyber-attack directly from your phone.

The cyber attack visually affects the UAV’s GPS functionality by injecting false data, degrading signal quality, or completely blocking all traffic. The cyber-attack application runs as a JavaScript client directly in the browser, utilizing the new HLA 4 feature, Federate Protocol, in conjunction with SISO’s Cyber DEM to create chaos for the trainee.

Our demo system leverages the same foundational building blocks found in thousands of training systems worldwide and demonstrates how Pitch’s proven COTS products can be efficiently integrated to develop interoperable and immersive training solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

See you in London!

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with us and advance your knowledge in simulation technology! See you at ITEC 2024.