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Join us for SISO SIMposium

For the third consecutive year, we’re gearing up for the SISO SIMposium—a two-day virtual event dedicated to sharing pivotal insights on the development and evolution of simulation standards. Pitch proudly continues its active involvement in the simulation standards community by contributing two SIMTalk presentations at the conference. Björn Möller will

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Pitch Talk v. 3.8

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 3.8 of Pitch Talk. This release contains several fixes to reported issues as well as a brand-new Client Monitoring feature added to the Admin Server. With this central view for checking client connectivity for a deployed project you’ll quickly find any connection

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VOMT, Booster & KML streamer product releases

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 2.6.3 of Visual OMT, v. 2.5.1 of Pitch Booster and v. 1.6 of Pitch KML Streamer. The releases addresses various fixes for issues and introduces improvements such as dark mode on MacOS and native support for Apple Silicon. All details of the

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Pitch pRTI v 5.5.8

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 5.5.8 of Pitch pRTI. This release fixes a regression introduced in version 5.5.6 affecting Evolved Java federates and introduces new preview functionality from the coming HLA 4 standard. NEW FEATURES BUG FIXES Want to learn more? To read more about our products,

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Join us at DSET 2023

The world of defence simulation, education, and training (DSET) evolves rapidly with new technologies and methodologies continually challenging the status quo. At Pitch Technologies, we continuously aim to be at the forefront of these evolutions and are excited to announce our participation at the DSET event from 5th to 8th

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