Pitch pRTI v 5.5.9

This release fixes a problem with ownership during resign, and an issue with dropped best-effort updates immediately after an object registration. In addition, it solves a case where reflect callbacks could occur before the corresponding discover callback had been registered. The draft HLA 4 API has been updated and samples for Docker have been added.


  1. Added Docker samples.
  2. Improved Federate Protocol client API for Java (timeouts & exceptions).
  3. Updated HLA 4 API headers to latest draft.
  4. Removed the custom LogicalTimeDouble libfedtime implementation.


  1. A best-effort update sent immediately after object registration may be dropped on the receiving side due to message ordering. This version includes a fix that reduces this problem.
  2. Fixes a problem where the second to last federate didn’t divest attributes when resigning. Instead, all owned objects were deleted.
  3. Fixes a bug where if scheduled advisories were enabled, and an update was requested for a MOM-object, the reflect callback could be triggered before the discover callback. Case 4186.
  4. Fixes a bug on macOS that made local licenses not to be displayed in the CRC Settings app.

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