Pitch Recorder v 3.2.0

This release introduces Embed API changes to improve Bookmark management, as well as adding File caching features for use with Pitch Debrief. Also includes updated libraries and several fixes.


  1. Moved Export Recording and Export Channel Data into a common Export dialog.
  2. Added JSON formatting (Experimental) as an option when exporting Channel data from a FOMDataStream.
  3. Changed the default database to PostgreSQL.
  4. Added a button to save current database configurations as the default for future new projects.


  1. Fixed an issue where it was possible to record when there were no channels available. Ticket 9471
  2. Only allow adding a channel if recorder is stopped.
  3. Fixed an issue where high concentration of interactions could cause degraded performance when jumping in time.
  4. Fixed an issue causing menu icons for Loop playback and Keyframe Jump to not display on Windows 11.
  5. Fixed an issue where characters considered invalid by XML caused an exception when trying to load an exported project where the directory had been renamed to contain one of these characters. Ticket 2492.
  6. Fixed the formatting of EntityTypeStruct, EntityIdentifierStruct and ClockTimeStruct in the Instances and Data views. Ticket 589.
  7. Fixed an issue with the sample project ‘ChatRoom’ not opening properly.
  8. Fixed a crash that could occur if recording in ADD mode in combination with connecting and disconnecting to different databases.
  9. Fixed incorrect formatting caused by variant records with unknown discriminants.

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