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In a rapidly evolving world, the need to seamlessly interoperate and train across organizational, national, and international borders is critical. The landscape of modern warfare is undergoing a significant transformation with emerging elements like drones and cyber attacks reshaping the battleground. This shift demands quick adaptation and innovation from policymakers, program managers, and simulation builders in training our soldiers.

Changing conditions greatly increase the need for solutions that are interoperable by default, and which reduce cost and time to market. Pitch is proud to offer a suite of products designed for these challenges. Our solutions provide a secure, proven, and scalable backbone, encompassing interoperability, networking, data logging, communications simulation, and debriefing features – ready for deployment in your systems. Choose Pitch, save time, cut costs, and focus your efforts on creating unique, innovative, and impactful simulation systems.

From Vision to Reality: See Our Partners’ Success Stories

At this year’s I/ITSEC, we’re excited to share success stories showcasing how cutting-edge programs and initiatives utilize Pitch’s secure, proven, and scalable tools and modules. Discover how these programs transformed their simulations with Pitch’s technology:

  • RAF Gladiator Programme: Pitch’s open standards backbone enabled distributed collective training across multiple security domains.
  • Land Training Test & Reference Capability: As technical advisors, Pitch guided procurement and development of future training systems, ensuring improved coherence, system interoperability, and reuse.
  • Simulating Cyber Effects in Training: Integrating cyber ranges and models with simulated effects, attacks, and countermeasures for multi-domain training.
  • Simulation Backbone for VIKING 22: Facilitating distributed collective training across various security domains.
  • LVC Radio at BELHARRA 23: Integrating LVC radio between a flying AWACS operator and a ground-based flight simulator using Pitch Talk and the Pitch LVC Connector.
  • BAE Door Gunner: Supporting a cost-effective airborne gunnery training solution with a modular architecture based on Open Standards, along with Pitch products and integration support.

Explore the Benefits of Federated System Design

Dive into the practicalities of federated system design with our example UAV trainer demo, showcasing how Pitch’s solutions enable seamless integration of products like VBS 4, Unreal Engine, and MACE using the HLA and DIS open standards.

Immerse yourself in a realistic situation where a patrol column advances towards a choke point, with your critical UAV operator mission providing reconnaissance and threat identification. The scenario is enriched with civilian and enemy entities, challenging you to discern and report accurately to HQ. At the press of a button, the instructor initiates a simulated cyber attack, disrupting all GPS data and testing the trainee’s response to unpredictable challenges.

This demo isn’t just about UAVs.  It’s a showcase of clever system design and mature COTS-products used together to build quick, cost-effective, and immersive training solutions addressing various simulation needs.

Listen in to Pitch Tutorials and Presentations

Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Interoperability 101

Time: Monday 10:30-12:00
Place: RoomW305AB

  • KURT LESSMANN, Trideum Corporation
  • DAMON CURRY, Pitch Technologies US

This tutorial provides managers the necessary insight needed to support intelligent decision making when employing LVC to solve their needs. The tutorial will discuss the various solutions and domains of the technology and how it can potentially support their LVC needs.  The tutorial provides a relevant use case as the mechanism to explain the concepts and the solutions required to achieve success.  The tutorial will not be an in-depth technology review of LVC interoperability yet will provide sufficient management-level insight into interoperability solutions and standards like Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), High Level Architecture (HLA), and the Test and Training Enabling Architecture (TENA) product line.

Introduction to HLA 4

Time: Monday, 27 November, 10:30-12:00
Place: Room W307C

  • BJORN MOLLER, Pitch Technologies
  • KATHERINE MORSE, PH.D., CMSP, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

The High-Level Architecture (HLA) is the leading international standard for simulation interoperability. It originated in the defense communities but is increasingly used in other domains. This tutorial gives an introduction to the HLA standard in general and the new HLA 4 version in particular. It describes the requirements for interoperability, flexibility, composability and reuse and how HLA meets them. It also describes the new features of the most recent version: HLA 4, such as security, scalability and cloud deployment. Finally, it provides some recent experiences of the use of HLA in NATO M&S groups as well as an overview of recent evolution of Federation Object Models for military platform simulation, space simulation, cyber simulation and air traffic control simulation. This tutorial is intended for all audiences; however, some familiarity with basic principles of distributed computing is recommended.

Large Scale Exercises Using Standard-Based Distributed Simulation

Time: Tuesday, 28 November,  15:50-16:30
Place: Innovation Showcase, Booth 2588
Presenters: BJORN MOLLER, Pitch Technologies

The high pace at which defence organizations need to meet new forms of threats requires a new level of agility. This drives an accelerating need for scalable, flexible, multi-domain and joint training solutions across defence branches including space and cyber. Open standards from SISO and NATO constitute the fundament facilitating the interoperability, adaptability, and availability of these solutions. This Innovation Showcase will introduce how these standards evolve as well present practical use cases in recent large-scale real-world exercises.

Join us in booth 1281 to explore our success stories, our live demonstrator system, or dive into discussions with our experts and learn how our solutions can elevate your next simulation project.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with us and advance your knowledge in simulation technology! See you at I/ITSEC 2023.