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Pitch Unreal Engine Connector

Pitch Unreal Engine Connector connects the Epic Games Unreal Engine with the HLA and DIS interoperability standards.

This enables customers in the aerospace and defense simulation industry to seamlessly integrate current and future simulations with cutting-edge game technology. It also opens opportunities for Unreal developers to effortlessly integrate with the open-standards-based modeling and simulation ecosystem. Pitch’s standards-based infrastructure provides an open, distributed, high-performing, scalable and secure solution.

Sample applications include military commanders viewing a tactical picture of the battlefield, and astronauts and pilots training in simulators with highly detailed 3D out-the-window scenes visualized and rendered in Unreal.


Introduction to the Pitch Unreal Engine Connector (2 min)

Introduction with subtitles (2 min)


Scalability and robustness to
support large and long-running scenarios

Inspect your objects with an information box for monitoring and debugging

Correlate your 3D Terrain using simple settings and get correct entity positions

Easy to develop using drag-and-drop in the Blueprint editor

3D model mapping in a graphical editor. Save and load mappings

HLA out of the box with simple configurations that can be saved


Pitch Unreal Engine Connector Free

Freely available plug-in for visualizing simulation objects in the Unreal Engine. Supports the HLA Evolved and RPR FOM 2 standards. Available now.

Current version: 1.1

Pitch Unreal Engine Connector Standard

More advanced plug-in that supports more simulation standards (DIS 6/7), includes source code access. Suitable for commercial projects.
Available now.

Pitch Unreal Engine Connector SDK

Powerful tool for generating plug-ins for any HLA FOM such as custom FOMs, Space FOM, NATO NETN FOM, etc. Two-way data exchange, i.e. visualize HLA objects and interactions in Unreal Engine and send Unreal Engine data to HLA. Includes Pitch Developer Studio.
Available in late Spring.