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Object-Oriented HLA – Does One Size Fit All?

ABSTRACT: The HLA RTI is accessed using a standard service API that is independent of application domain. A popular approach to simplify the use of HLA is to hand-code, or to generate an object-oriented RTImiddleware with an API that closely matches a specific FOM. This is informally known as Object

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Getting started with FOM Modules

ABSTRACT: One of the most important new features in HLA Evolved is the ability to provide the Federation Object Model (FOM) in the form of several modules. While the standard provides a complete and stringentspecification of these concepts, the purpose of this paper is to provide a user-friendly introduction as

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HLA Evolved – A Summary of Major Technical Improvements

ABSTRACT: “HLA Evolved” is the code name for the new version of the High Level Architecture that is expected to be completed in late 2008. This version gives developers and users of distributed simulation a large number of new development, deployment and net centric capabilities. While the new HLA version

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Simulating Rail Traffic Safety Systems using HLA 1516

ASTRACT: The High Level Architecture (HLA [1]) has its origins in the defense sector and was primarily used to simulate vehicle and troops movements. However, the HLA is not limited to this area. It is very suitable for simulating rail traffic, in a simulated rail infrastructure, and the rail traffic

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