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Experiences from the SISO SpaceFOM at the European Space Agency

The Harwell Robotic and Autonomy Facility (HRAF) activities funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) aim to provide advanced capabilities to support the development and testing of complex autonomous systems for the exploration of our Solar System. The outcome of one of these activities is a a flexible simulation environment

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Evolution of NATO standards for federated simulation

Abstract: NATO and the Nations regularly use distributed simulation based on the High Level Architecture (HLA) interoperability standard. The current release is IEEE 1516-2010. In the NATO context, several official documents are available to standardize the use of HLA across NATO Nations:• STANAG-4603 describing the HLA standard.• STANREC-4800 describing the

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Enhancing Simulation Composability and Reuse with Modular FOMs

Simulation composability and reuse have long represented the “Holy Grail” of distributed simulation. The ability to develop simulation components in a way that enables them to be reused as well as the ability to pull together independently developed simulation components have long promised flexibility and cost savings for Department of

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SISO Space Reference FOM – Tools and Testing

The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Space Reference Federation Object Model (SpaceFOM) version 1.0 is nearing completion. Earlier papers have described the use of the High Level Architecture (HLA) in Space simulation as well as technical aspects of the SpaceFOM. This paper takes a look at different SpaceFOM tools and

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