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Security in Simulation – A Step in the Right Direction

ABSTRACT: A number of approaches are currently in use to allow limited sharing of data between simulationsrunning at different native classification levels, but each have their associated issues which prevent full interoperability. This presents users and accreditors alike with a unique set of challenges. Building on the work presented to

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Extended FOM Module Merging Capabilities

SISO SIWzie award winner ABSTRACT: The HLA Evolved specification describes a number of FOM Module merging principles whereby classes, data types, etc. from different modules can be merged into the FOM of a federation. Based upon practical experiences with FOM modules, this paper proposes three additional capabilities for the next

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Three Perspectives on DSEEP and Security: Training Goals, Use Cases and the Selection of Security Measures

ABSTRACT: As joint, combined and Civil-Military exercises are becoming increasingly common, the need for security in collective mission simulation is growing. SISO has developed the Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP) standard that provides a recommended process for development, integration and execution of federated simulations. Security aspects need to

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Developing an HLA Tutorial: Philosophy and Best Practices

ABSTRACT: A standard, like HLA, needs to be exact, complete and unambiguous. This may not be optimal for a beginner wanting to learn HLA. An up-to-date HLA Tutorial document has now been developed. This paper summarizes some of the philosophy of the tutorial. Several best practices on how to use

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