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Using HLA Object Models for the Analysis of Cross Domain Security Policies

ABSTRACT: Across defence, training equipment, data and scenarios are likely to have different classification levels. Thus it is sometimes necessary for training to be carried out using a federation of participating systemsrunning at different classification levels, but without compromising security rules. This is usually done using guards and filters to

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Meeting the NATO M&S Interoperability Challenge.

Authors: Wim Huiskamp, Adrian Voiculet, Erdal Cayirci, Björn Löfstrand, Bharat Patel, Lionel Khimeche, Kevin Heffner, Nico de Reus, Jean-Louis Igarza, Jeroen Voogd, Manfred Roza, Niels Krarup-Hansen.Publication: M&S Journal 07/2014; 9(2):16 Download the full paper (pdf)

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RPR FOM 2.0: A Federation Object Model for Defense Simulations

SISO SIWzie award winner ABSTRACT: The Real-Time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM) is the most widely used FOM for defense simulations. The main focus is on real-time simulation of war fighting scenarios including platforms, humans and weapons, however many related interactions such as radio, logistics and synthetic environments

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Solving Common Interoperability Challenges with HLA-to-HLA Bridging

ABSTRACT: Recently there has been a lot of focus on gateways between different simulation standards, like HLA, DIS and TENA, for example as part of the LVC-AR work and several SISO working groups. Bridgingbetween different HLA federations has received little attention. Still, this is a highly useful technique for solving

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