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Towards a Standardized Federate Protocol for HLA 4

ABSTRACT: HLA is a powerful interoperability standard with a rich set of services for information exchange, synchronization and management of federations. These services are accessed through a local RTI library, installed on the same computer as the simulation itself. As new and improved RTI versions are released, or if the

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Evolving Standards for Tactical Data Link Aware Simulators

ABSTRACT: The ability to simulate Tactical Data Links is becoming increasingly important in order to more accurately represent the modern battlespace. There is also a need to be able to connect with or simulate commercial use data links such as ADS­B and AIS. LVC applications may rely on the integration

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A First Look at the Upcoming SISO Space Reference FOM

SISO SIWzie award winner ABSTRACT: Spaceflight is difficult, dangerous and expensive; human spaceflight even more so. In order to mitigate some of the danger and expense, professionals in the space domain have relied, and continue to rely, on computer simulation. Simulation is used at every level including concept, design, analysis,

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Towards RPR FOM 3: Revisiting the Datatypes

ABSTRACT: Version 2 of the Real-time Platform Reference FOM (RPR FOM) has recently been finalized. It is the most widely used FOM for defense simulations. The original purpose of the RPR FOM was to facilitate interoperability between the DIS protocol and HLA federations. Today it is often also used as

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Using HLA Object Models for the Analysis of Cross Domain Security Policies

ABSTRACT: Across defence, training equipment, data and scenarios are likely to have different classification levels. Thus it is sometimes necessary for training to be carried out using a federation of participating systemsrunning at different classification levels, but without compromising security rules. This is usually done using guards and filters to

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