RPR FOM 2.0: A Federation Object Model for Defense Simulations

SISO SIWzie award winner

ABSTRACT: The Real-Time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM) is the most widely used FOM for defense simulations. The main focus is on real-time simulation of war fighting scenarios including platforms, humans and weapons, however many related interactions such as radio, logistics and synthetic environments are also included. Version 1.0 of the RPR FOM was published in 1999; following this release the development of version 2.0 started. After having published developed several drafts, one of which was known as version 2 draft 17 and was widely used, the development slowed down. But in 2011 the work was revived. The earlier draft standard has now been overhauled and modernized.

This includes fixing many issues, providing FOM versions in the newer, modular FOM format and revising the documentation, known as the GRIM. This paper describes the major updates of the new standard as well as experiences from drafting and standardizing this new FOM version. We believe that the finalized RPR FOM will be of great value to governments, end users and vendors. Technically it establishes a good baseline for interoperability in defense and security training. Policy-wise it provides a vendorneutral standard, developed in consensus by government, industry and academia. Long-term it provides a solid platform for the development of future FOM versions and for inclusion in national and international training architectures.

Authors: Björn Möller, Aaron Dubois, Patrice Le Leydour, René Verhage
Publication: Proceedings of 2014 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop, 14F-SIW-039, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, September 2014.

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