Getting started with FOM Modules

Getting started with FOM Modules

ABSTRACT: One of the most important new features in HLA Evolved is the ability to provide the Federation Object Model (FOM) in the form of several modules. While the standard provides a complete and stringent
specification of these concepts, the purpose of this paper is to provide a user-friendly introduction as well as some guidelines for their practical use. A small example FOM is used in the paper to illustrate the principles.

First of all it is important to understand where FOM modules fit into the FEDEP process and how it further enhances the process of building interoperable and reusable systems. Some general comments about bestpractice for FOM modeling are also given.

The following aspects are then covered

  • Understanding the predefined HLAstandardMIM module
  • Use of standalone versus dependent modules
  • Describing different aspects of a domain in different FOM modules
  • Developing more general modules that can be reused across federations
  • Handling of commonly used data types
  • Extending existing modules with subclasses, including guidelines for using “scaffolding” classes
  • Strategies for the required Switches table with suggested default values
  • Providing FOM modules at Create versus Join time

Finally a list of additional ideas and aspects, that are not covered in the paper, is given for the reader to investigate on his own.

Authors: Björn Möller, Björn Löfstrand
Publication: Proceedings of 2009 Fall Simulation Interoperability Workshop, 09F-SIW-082, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, September 2009.

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