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Extended FOM Module Merging Capabilities

SISO SIWzie award winner ABSTRACT: The HLA Evolved specification describes a number of FOM Module merging principles whereby classes, data types, etc. from different modules can be merged into the FOM of a federation. Based upon practical experiences with FOM modules, this paper proposes three additional capabilities for the next

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Three Perspectives on DSEEP and Security: Training Goals, Use Cases and the Selection of Security Measures

ABSTRACT: As joint, combined and Civil-Military exercises are becoming increasingly common, the need for security in collective mission simulation is growing. SISO has developed the Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP) standard that provides a recommended process for development, integration and execution of federated simulations. Security aspects need to

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Developing an HLA Tutorial: Philosophy and Best Practices

ABSTRACT: A standard, like HLA, needs to be exact, complete and unambiguous. This may not be optimal for a beginner wanting to learn HLA. An up-to-date HLA Tutorial document has now been developed. This paper summarizes some of the philosophy of the tutorial. Several best practices on how to use

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