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Developing an HLA Tutorial: Philosophy and Best Practices

ABSTRACT: A standard, like HLA, needs to be exact, complete and unambiguous. This may not be optimal for a beginner wanting to learn HLA. An up-to-date HLA Tutorial document has now been developed. This paper summarizes some of the philosophy of the tutorial. Several best practices on how to use

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Practical Experiences from Four HLA Evolved Federations

ABSTRACT: HLA Evolved was formally published in 2010 but early federations based on this standard have been developed since 2008. This paper summarizes experiences from four federations during the period 2009 – 2011 with focus on maturity and on the use of new HLA Evolved features. The federations are as

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Success Stories

Docking to the Space Station

When the ATV-2 control crew of ISS were to train a docking to the space station, the training was done distributed between teams located in Bremen, Toulouse and Moscow. HLA and Pitch products was used to create the simulation infrastructure for this. After the training was done, the successful real

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