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Using HLA Object Models for the Analysis of Cross Domain Security Policies

ABSTRACT: Across defence, training equipment, data and scenarios are likely to have different classification levels. Thus it is sometimes necessary for training to be carried out using a federation of participating systemsrunning at different classification levels, but without compromising security rules. This is usually done using guards and filters to

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Meeting the NATO M&S Interoperability Challenge.

Authors: Wim Huiskamp, Adrian Voiculet, Erdal Cayirci, Björn Löfstrand, Bharat Patel, Lionel Khimeche, Kevin Heffner, Nico de Reus, Jean-Louis Igarza, Jeroen Voogd, Manfred Roza, Niels Krarup-Hansen.Publication: M&S Journal 07/2014; 9(2):16 Download the full paper (pdf)

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RPR FOM 2.0: A Federation Object Model for Defense Simulations

SISO SIWzie award winner ABSTRACT: The Real-Time Platform Reference Federation Object Model (RPR FOM) is the most widely used FOM for defense simulations. The main focus is on real-time simulation of war fighting scenarios including platforms, humans and weapons, however many related interactions such as radio, logistics and synthetic environments

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Security in Simulation – A Step in the Right Direction

ABSTRACT: A number of approaches are currently in use to allow limited sharing of data between simulationsrunning at different native classification levels, but each have their associated issues which prevent full interoperability. This presents users and accreditors alike with a unique set of challenges. Building on the work presented to

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Extended FOM Module Merging Capabilities

SISO SIWzie award winner ABSTRACT: The HLA Evolved specification describes a number of FOM Module merging principles whereby classes, data types, etc. from different modules can be merged into the FOM of a federation. Based upon practical experiences with FOM modules, this paper proposes three additional capabilities for the next

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