VOMT, Booster & KML streamer product releases

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 2.6.3 of Visual OMT, v. 2.5.1 of Pitch Booster and v. 1.6 of Pitch KML Streamer. The releases addresses various fixes for issues and introduces improvements such as dark mode on MacOS and native support for Apple Silicon. All details of the releases can be found below!

Pitch Visual OMT v 2.6.3

This version includes additional improvements and fixes some issues.


  1. Fixed an issue where the installer on MacOS 13.1 Ventura would not be displayed when dark mode was enabled.


  1. Fixed an issue with non-deterministic order of elements when exporting modules to a merged HLA 1516-2010 FOM, an HLA 1516-2000 FOM, an HLA 1.3 FED file or an HLA 1.3 OMT file, Ticket 1331.
  2. Updated bundled OpenJDK to Azul Zulu 11.0.19.
  3. Fixed an issue in the HLA 1516-2000 export where the “NoSynch” synchronization point capability was not set correctly, Ticket 3386.
  4. Added a warning for enumerated datatypes with no enumerators, Ticket 3386.
  5. Added warnings and info related to the use of “NA” as datatype, Ticket 3385.
  6. Improved readability of switches, Ticket 2534.
  7. Improved default file name for new FOM module, Ticket 2675.
  8. Made it possible to add attributes to HLAobjectRoot when using HLA 4 Preview.

Pitch Booster v 2.5.1

This is a maintenance release for Pitch Booster.


  1. Updated Apache sshd to version 2.9.2, CVE-2022-45047.
  2. Added native support for arm64 Apple Silicon.


  1. Removed automatic discovery functionality that relied on legacy Bonjour/zeroconf protocol which has limited active support.
  2. Updated bundled Java version to AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.19.
  3. Add an option to override KexAlgorithms, Ciphers, MACs, HostKeyAlgorithmand HostKeySignatureAlgorithms used for the ssh server.

Pitch KML Streamer v 1.6 

This version adds Pitch Floating License Server support.


  1. Added support for Pitch Floating License Server.
  2. Added native support for arm64 Apple Silicon.
  3. Added Docker container sample.


  1. Added symbol mapping for UAVs.
  2. Added missing uavdesignator icon.
  3. Updated bundled JRE to OpenJDK version 8u372.

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