Pitch pRTI v 5.5.8

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 5.5.8 of Pitch pRTI. This release fixes a regression introduced in version 5.5.6 affecting Evolved Java federates and introduces new preview functionality from the coming HLA 4 standard.


  1. HLA 4 Federate Protocol Server and Federate Protocol Client for Java. See pRTI User’s Guide for more information about HLA 4’s Federate Protocol.
  2. HLA 4 FOM format is now supported.
  3. Added Federation Modes: Evolved Mode for backwards compatibility and HLA 4 Mode for HLA 4 functionality. See pRTI User’s Guide for more information on Federation Modes.
  4. Scheduled advisories are now enabled by default.
  5. Authorized Federate settings added to CRC Settings tool and LRC Settings tool.
  6. Added auto-scaling to Lollipop view.
  7. Upgraded bundled JRE to OpenJDK 11.0.19.
  8. Updated several libraries to latest version.
  9. Added automatic join diagnostics on timeout.
  10. Introduced two macros in the HLA Evolved C++ API header to eliminate deprecated dynamic exception specifications, enhancing C++17 compatibility.
  11. Removed automatic discovery functionality that relied on legacy Bonjour/zeroconf protocol which has limited active support.


  1. Fixes an incompatibility with Java 8 federates introduced in version 5.5.6, where starting the federate would cast: RTIinternalError: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError
  2. Increase default TCP and UDP buffer sizes to avoid issues where receive buffer size is smaller than MTU. Recent Linux versions have increased MTU for loopback adapter from 16K to 64K. This caused network data to be lost. Case 3829.

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