Pitch Unreal Engine Connector 1.3

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 1.3 of the Pitch Unreal Engine Connector. This release provides new features such as support for Unreal Engine 5.1, and fixes a dead-reckoning bug reported in an earlier release. Read the full release notes for all details.


  1. The license string is now read from a file in users home directory. The user must copy the file from an email into the home directory. Old way of having the key embedded in source code is used if the file is not in the home directory. 
  2. Added support for UE 5.1 and fixed all deprecations. Documented how to downgrade the source code to UE 5.0 and UE 4.27.
  3. Free edition only works with UE 5.1 in Development Editor mode.
  4. Ground-clamping now takes terrain slope into account. 
  5. Refactoring for non-RPR plugins to extract generic parts, for example HLA instance name.


  1. Dead-reckoning and smoothing fix related to interpolation factor and smoothing of the orientation. 

Want to learn more?

To learn more about the Unreal Engine Connector, make sure to visit the product page. As the need for complex simulation tools increases Pitch Technologies will continue to improve its product line to meet customer needs. For more information or a live demo, please contact us.