Pitch Talk 3.7

We’re happy to announce the launch of version 3.7 of Pitch Talk. This release provides new features such as the ability to keep your projects organised using lists, add descriptions for users and describe your projects in more detail with multi-line descriptions. We’ve also added samples on several common use cases, to make it easier to get started with the product. Read the full release notes for all details.



      1. Project can now be placed in lists to make it easier to organize many projects. Project lists can be locked (i.e. read-only) to stop unintended modifications. This is also available via the REST API. 
      2. All samples are now in a locked list.
      3. Two new samples have been added to the SDK to demonstrate how to record and play back audio as wav files. 
      4. Several new, domain specific, Admin Server project samples have been added, for example LTA-inspired, Amphibious Assault, Tank training. More can be added if needed (and we if have a good description of the “com plan”).
      5. The SDK now have a shutdown utility for Java that can be used to trigger actions on shutdown, for example cleanup and close the Talk license handler. 
      6. Added description for users and added support for multi-line project description. 



        1. Installer now works on Mac OS 13.1 Ventura.
        2. See release notes for details.

      Want to learn more?

      To read more about our products, make sure to visit the product page. As the need for complex simulation tools increases Pitch Technologies will continue to improve its product line to meet customer needs. For more information or a demo of Pitch Talk, please contact us.