Join us at MODSIM 2023

MODSIM World 2023 takes place on May 2223 in Norfolk, VA, bringing together M&S
professionals from various sectors including Industry, Defense, and Training & Education.

As the world of simulation and training continues to evolve rapidly, events like MODSIM
World play a crucial role in connecting industry leaders, sharing innovative ideas, and
fostering collaboration.

With the inspiring theme of “Make it Happen” the conference promises to be an exceptional
gathering of experts and visionaries in the modeling and simulation (M&S) field, working
together to create novel solutions for our everchanging world. The event features three
main tracks, each focusing on different M&S communities of practice and covers a wide
range of topics such as Engineering, Medical Simulation, Data Analytics, Artificial
Intelligence, Machine Learning, Extended Reality, Gamification, and Visualizations.

is excited to be a part of this year’s MODSIM World conference, especially since Pitch
has unique capabilities and experience in several of the conferences key topic areas of
interest (listed above). Pitch is also excited for the opportunity to meet and brief NATOs
Next Generation M&S team during MODSIM World this year.

See you in Norfolk!