Join us for SISO SIMposium

For the third consecutive year, we’re gearing up for the SISO SIMposium—a two-day virtual event dedicated to sharing pivotal insights on the development and evolution of simulation standards. Pitch proudly continues its active involvement in the simulation standards community by contributing two SIMTalk presentations at the conference. Björn Möller will discuss the evolution of RPR-FOM and Space-FOM, while Fredrik Antelius offers an in-depth exploration of the HLA 4 federate protocol.

Simulation Interoperability on Earth and in Space – RPR FOM vs SpaceFOM

Who: Björn Möller, President
When: 19 SEPT 10:30-11:15 EDT

Distributed simulation is a key technology, both for Earth based scenarios such as defense training, as well as for space exploration. There are also SISO standards to match: the Realtime Platform Reference FOM for defense and the SpaceFOM for space simulation. But why do we have two standards, what are the differences and are there any similarities? 

This presentation looks at the history, the use cases, the requirements, and the content of both standards and makes a comparison. It also looks at opportunities for making federations using the two standards work together. Finally, it discusses benefits of, and obstacles for long-term convergence. 

Deep dive into the HLA 4 Federate Protocol

Who: Fredrik Antelius, Head of Products
When: 20 SEPT 09:00-09:30 EDT

Learn more about the new Federate Protocol that is introduced in the new version of HLA. How is this different from the existing C++ and Java APIs and how can the federate protocol be used to connect a federate to a federation? The difference layers in the federate protocol will be described and how the session layer can resume a connection and support federates using unreliable networks like 4G and 5G mobile connections.

To learn more about SISO or register for the SIMposium, please visit the link below: