Release of Debrief 1.3.0

This version introduces Pitch Talk integration, adding generated Pitch Talk bookmarks and control capabilites to allow Pitch Debrief to control what to listen to from a recorded Pitch Talk federation. This version also includes several usability improvements to Pitch Debrief web client.


  1. Pitch Talk integration
    • A Training Session Template may be configured to auto-generate bookmarks during recording. All audio events occurring in a recorded Pitch Talk federation will trigger a bookmark. Each bookmark will contain data on which channel and frequency the audio event occurred on, the user that produced the event and the length of the event.
    • Debrief can now direct what should be listened to in a Pitch Talk Standard Client. To enable this feature, a Pitch Talk Standard Client should be started with remote control enabled. Instructions on how to do this can be found in Pitch Debrief Users Guide.
    • When deployed in playback mode, a ‘Audio’ tab will appear. From here it is possible to select which channels and frequencies you wish to listen to. It is also possible to adjust the volume.
  2. Bookmark filtering capabilities have been added. In the Debrief Web Client it is now possible to select which bookmarks to view based on tags or bookmark types. Both the bookmarks displayed on the timeline and the bookmarks table will be affected. Auto-generated Pitch Talk bookmarks will have one tag for the channel and one for the user that performed the communication.
  3. Several usability improvements have been made in the Debrief Web client. Several operations that previously would log an error in the client now accurately prohibits the user from performing them instead. Some examples:
    • Undeploying while actively recording or playing will ask the user if they want to stop and undeploy, instead of failing and logging a “not allowed” error.
    • Modifying a Training Session that is being moved from one database to another is now prohibited in the Web Client.
    • In Deploy dialog, an Environment that is in use will be disabled.


  1. It is now possible to create a Bookmark with reference to an Attachment when uploading an Attachment. This can only be done on an active deployment.
  2. API call added for checking connection status of Debriefs database servers.
  3. Deploy API call now takes a Debrief Environment object instead of a Federation Settings object.
  4. API calls added for retrieving and editing listening state on Pitch Talk voice and radio channels.
  5. API calls added for setting and getting volume in Pitch Talk.


  1. Improved failure detection when Pitch Recorder fails to connect to a federation.
  2. Bookmarks can now be associated with an attachment. A checkbox exists to add a bookmark when uploading an attachment.

Want to learn more?

To read more about Pitch Talk, make sure to visit the product page. As the need for complex simulation tools increases Pitch Technologies will continue to improve its product line to meet customer needs. For more information or a demo of Pitch Talk, please contact us.