Release of pRTI 5.5.7

This release fixes some problems in join-resign. Concurrent join-resign could cause deadlocks. Also, federate resign and/or shutdown during join could cause deadlock.


  1. Added Authorization support for HLA 4 federates. Authorization support is also available to Evolved federates when the HLA 4 preview features flag is enabled.
  2. Added support for List Federation Execution members, federate resign callback and the updatded call to Query Attribute Ownership in the HLA 4 API preview.
  3. Added Diagnostic tab in pRTI Explorer GUI to enable diagnosing of federates joining a federation.
  4. Added a new guide about building C++ federates with pRTI’s CMake integration.


  1. Improve detection and handling of lost connection during join operation.
  2. If resigned, reject message from joining federate, then close connection.
  3. When shutting down, close connections that have not yet been assigned to federates.
  4. Fixed bug where installer in macOS 13.1 Ventura would not display when dark mode was enabled.

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