Join us at DSET

For the first time you’ll find Pitch as one of the exhibitors at DSET, 7-10 June, in Bristol, UK. Visit our stand to see some of our latest tech for military Communications, After Action Reviews and Interoperability in action. Pitch will also host three exclusive fireside chats with guest speakers discussing the Viking Command Post Exercise, RAF Gladiator and Maritime Collective Training. We look forward to seeing you at DSET for interesting discussions on how Pitch’s distributed simulation products and services can empower your training.

Viking 22

When          Tuesday 9.40 – 10.00
Where         Virtual (Hopin)

How do you build a system that connects 2300 participants from 50 nations and 70 organisations, that are spread across 12 training sites in a multi domain command post exercise? That’s the challenge the Swedish Armed Forces presented to Pitch in preparation for VIKING 22. In this presentation Björn Löfstrand, lead interoperability architect, will explain how Pitch designed and successfully deployed a scalable, secure, and realistic training environment.

Interoperability: A Maritime Training Perspective

When          Wednesday 8th June 15.30 – 15.50
Where         Directors Box, DSET

Interoperability is a multifaceted challenge when people, systems and organizations need to work together. In this fireside chat we will be joined by Dave Elsey from BAE Systems Training Services to discuss the political, economic and operational context to interoperability requirements and what they mean from a maritime training perspective. We will explore why interoperability is key to realizing the train-as-you-fight ambition and some of the technical and non-technical challenges as well as enablers for future collective training programs and multi-domain operational training.

The RAF Gladiator: the road to greater synthetic collective training

When          Thursday 9th June 15.30 – 15.50
Where         Directors Box, DSET

Gladiator is set to transform RAF’s collective training capability through the development of a truly distributed synthetic training system where Air and other forces can train together from their home bases. In this fireside chat we will be joined by Wg Cdr Ruari Henderson-Begg, Gladiator program manager at HQ Air Command to discuss the ambition of the program, the importance of interoperability and cross domain integration towards greater multi-domain operational training, and the open source approach underpinned by UK Defense Modelling and Simulation Coherence (DMaSC) policy promoting contributions from a wider supplier base.