Join us at Eurosatory

We’re happy to announce that we will participate in the Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, 13-17 June. Join our team in Hall 5A at stand HG 511 to learn more about how Pitch’s products and services can provide interoperability, communication and after action review capabilities for your training systems. This year we’re specifically showcasing the new HLA 4 standard, how our products can be used for multisite distributed training and a presentation on how the Viking 22 exercise utilized MSaaS technology to build a powerful training scenario.

Introducing HLA 4

During 2022 the widely adopted HLA- standard is set for a major upgrade with the introduction of HLA 4. Already being the leading standard for distributed simulation and training, this evolution provides exciting new features paving the way for the next generation of M&S solutions and simulators. Ask any of our team members for more information on how this can benefit your next simulator build.


As always we’ve prepared some exciting demonstrations for you to enjoy. Live in our stand we will show you how Pitch can help you with:

  • C2 training in the Cloud
  • Connecting your training system to the Unreal engine
  • Radio Training

In addition to our own stand you can also see Pitch’s products in action at the French MoD booth where we’re hosting a demonstration as part of the Multisite distributed Synthetic Training challenges.


Viking 22

A multinational computer assisted command staff exercise using MSaaS

When          June 14 (Tuesday) 11.00 – 12.00
Where         Hall 5A – Balard
Speakers     Peter Lindskog, Björn Löfstrand, and Enrico Raue 

The presentation is provided by the Swedish Armed Forces supported by Pitch Technologies and MASA Group. Viking 22 is a multinational exercise distributed on several sites executed in March/April 2022. During two weeks, Viking 22 enabled the training of more than 2500 command staff in a large scale multi-Domain (Land, Air, Sea, Civ, Info) scenario.

Viking 22 uses Cloud / MSaaS* architecture based on NATO standards (STANAG /STANREC). Several simulations (federated), including SWORD from MASA and services for C2 stimulation provided by the NATO Joint Force Training Center (JFTC), Dutch MoD and Pitch, give the training audience realistic representations of the operational pictures. In addition, a common scenario management application and simulation control interface (Web Application) ensures the consistency of the scenarios.

Multisite Distributed Training

The multisite distributed synthetic training challenges

When          June 14 (Tuesday) 15.40 – 16.00
Where         Hall 5A – MinArm stand
Speaker      Patrick Penot

This presentation will illustrate challenges by discussing different type of use cases for Synthetic Multisite Training. Patrick will present the different challenges such as network infrastructure, standards, same entities on multiple sites, security, and radio communication. Finally we will conclude the talk with a solution synthesis for how these challenges can be solved.