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We Provide Simulation Solutions and Support

Modelling & Simulation as a Service

Pitch offers Modeling and Simulation services that enable flexible and agile use of tools and technologies to support development, test, and integration of distributed simulation environments.​

Simulation Development

Where COTS solutions cannot be found, Pitch can offer hands-on consulting to Develop or design standards-based customized solutions. Such can be agile HLA layers, interoperability adapters, and/or connectors to existing systems or HLA object models.

Training Solutions & Exercise support

Pitch can support you in developing your complete training solution. We can provide experts and technologies that will make your system interoperable, standards-based, and ready for evolving into the future. Our skilled Field Application Engineers can support you with configuration, prototyping, maintenance, and exercise support.

Success Stories

Door Gunner Prototype

The Helicopter Door Gunner Trainer prototype is the result from a study for the Swedish Air Force. The trainer uses a modular approach and an infrastructure built on Open International and NATO Standards connecting COTS/GOTS HW & SW including VBS3. It demonstrates that cost effective training solutions taking advantage of gaming/entertainment technology and re-use can be achieved to low life cycle costs. The open architecture allows for cost effective and continuous improvements over the life-time by a very low effort to continuously upgrade the included components.

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