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The HLA Tutorial

This tutorial will help you learn how to develop distributed simulations using HLA, The High-level Architecture. Note that the HLA Tutorial document is copyright Pitch Technologies but can be freely redistributed under the conditions described on page 2.


Get an overview of HLA, Learn how to design HLA federations, Understand how to develop Federation Object Models and Master the services of the HLA runtime infrastructure.

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Download the tutorial, samples and HLA software for personal learning purposes:

Community support for the HLA Tutorial and associated samples and software is available on StackOverflow.

Additional Information

Do you have the latest version?

The most recent versions are:

HLA Tutorial: Version 1.0. Check the header of the PDF document to verify which version that you currently have.

HLA Evolved starter kit: Version 1.0. Check the ReadMe file of your installation to verify which version that you currently have.

Pitch pRTI Free: Use the “Check for updates” command in the “Help” menu.

Pitch Visual OMT Free: Use the “Check for updates” command in the “Help” menu.

Licensing and copyright

Each of the above downloads contain specific licensing and copyright information. In short:

The HLA Tutorial is copyrighted but may be freely redistributed without modification as PDF or on paper.

The sample federates are licensed using the Apache 2.0 license which enables you to reuse the code as long as you acknowledge the copyright holder.

The Free product versions are licensed using a regular software End User License Agreement.

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