HLA Hands-On Training

The HLA Hands-On course is intended for developers that want to learn the HLA standard for developing HLA compliant simulators. Parts of the first day can also be suitable for people that want to get an overview of HLA to understand the principals and benefits of using HLA. Over the three days participants will learn how to create an information model, how to build a federate using the HLA API as well as understanding the more advanced HLA topics such as Time management and Data Distribution management.


Day 1: Overview

The first day concentrates on HLA introduction, requirements, standardization architecture and basic principles. We cover the DSEEP development process for developing HLA compliant simulation. We also do an extensive walkthrough of the Object Model Template and how to create an information model. We do practical work and create object models using tools such as Visual OMT.

Day 2: Your First Federate

The second day is focused on practical exercises. The HLA API will be covered in detail and the participants will build a fully HLA compliant simulator (a federate). We will go through the overall structure and best practices for building a federate.

Day 3: Advanced Topics

The last day focuses on the more advanced HLA topics. We will look at how time is handled in HLA for synchronizing and controlling the behavior of federates. We will also cover how HLA can be used to minimize the amount of traffic that has to be sent over the network.

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