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Pitch at SIW 2022

Pitch is a proud sponsor of SISO
– the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization.

At the annual SISO Simulation Innovation Workshop (SIW) and SIMposium events Pitch often publish papers and gives presentations.

During the 2022 Virtual SIW in February, Pitch persons will present the following papers and presentations:

A First Look at HLA 4 Directed Interactions

Certification for Simulation Interoperability: Where we are and where could we go?
HLA 4 Federate Protocol – Requirements and Solutions

Read more and join the events here:

We would be most interested in your opinions, suggestions and to discuss and answer around any questions you might have.

Drop us a note here

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Log4j statement

Recently a vulnerability in some versions of Log4j has been discovered, as described in CVE-2021-44228 in the NIST National Vulnerability Database. Pitch products do not contain, or are distributed with this package. Users that themselves have installed vulnerable versions of this library together with a Pitch product are strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest version of Log4J.

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Building Time Managed Federations with Object Oriented HLA

ABSTRACT: A popular approach to simplify the use of HLA is to use an object oriented HLA middleware with an API that is tailored to a specific FOM and federation agreement. This is informally known as Object Oriented HLA, or OO-HLA.

Time Management in HLA is a powerful set of services to achieve deterministic distributed simulations. The Time Management services in HLA support different kind of simulations; everything from frame-based
simulations like the SISO Smackdown federation to analytical simulations run multiple times using the Monte Carlo method and even optimistic, event-based simulations where data that is sent and used optimistically can
later be retracted and any calculations based on the data have to be redone.
This paper contains an introduction to HLA Time Management and Object Oriented HLA. It describes common use case for HLA Time Management and Object Oriented HLA. It shows how the advanced features of Time Management can be simplified and presented in a powerful way in an existing, commercial OO-HLA tool.

Authors: Fredrik Antelius, Martin Johansson. Björn Möller
Publication: Proceedings of 2013 Spring Simulation Interoperability Workshop, 13S-SIW-020, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, April 2013.

Download the full paper (pdf)