Björn Möller in the Warfighter Podcast

We’re pleased to share that Pitch’s President, Björn Möller, was a recent guest on the Warfighter Podcast, where he delved into the details of the High-Level Architecture (HLA) standard. Björn offered listeners an inside look at the evolution of the HLA standard, its advantages over legacy standards like DIS, and its wide-ranging applicability.

The Warfighter Simulation & Training podcast, hosted by Tom Constable and Colin Hillier, casts a spotlight on the exciting future being shaped by militaries and government agencies worldwide. Their insightful discussions focus on the convergence of emerging technologies from key sectors, promising to deliver a substantial force-multiplying advantage to the Warfighter across all domains.

Björn, the co-founder of Pitch Technologies, boasts over twenty-five years of experience in international high-tech R&D companies, with expertise spanning modeling and simulation, artificial intelligence, and web-based collaboration. Holding an M.Sc. in Computer Science and Technology from Linköping University, Sweden, and Imperial College, London, Björn currently chairs the SISO RPR FOM and Space FOM Product Development Groups, and serves as the vice chairman of the SISO HLA Product Development Group.

“Björn expertly breaks down what can be a complex subject into easily understandable concepts during this fireside chat from his lake cabin in Sweden. We hope you’re sitting comfortably,” – Warfighter Podcast

During the episode, Björn navigates through the history of the HLA standard, its objectives, and key terminology. He then details some of the standard’s unique features that deviates from learnings from deploying legacy standards like DIS. Björn also shares insights into the use of Federation Object Models (FOMs) across various use cases, ranging from pilot training to command and control (C2) applications, and even space simulations.

Björn concludes the discussion by looking ahead at the planned developments for HLA, emphasizing its status as a continually evolving standard that seeks to support ambitious projects across the training and simulation spectrum.

You can listen to the full podcast via the link below: