Catch-up on Pitch Café Webinars

Take the time to catch up on the latest distributed simulation technologies with Pitch.

We have hosted free webinars on a series of topics related to distributed simulation.

In 2020 Pitch delivered a total of 15 Pitch Café webinars with more than 13 hours of information on distributed simulation to more than 500 participants from over 20 countries. Webinar presentations and demonstrations have been approximately 30 minutes long followed by Q&A with experts.

See below for more information on past sessions.

2020 Webinars Recap

Spring Series

23 April Building Space Simulations with HLA, the Space FOM

28 April Simulated Radio

30 April Build Distributed Simulations with ease

20 May Introduction to Cross-Domain Security for Training

28 May Time Management in HLA Made Easy

10 June HLA & Air Traffic Control Simulation

25 June Building a Unified Infrastructure for Distributed Simulation

Autumn Series

17 Sep Discover RPR FOM 3 & Pitch Experience on RPR FOM

29 Sep Building Space Simulations with HLA and the Space FOM

6 Oct Next generation distributed simulation using HLA4

15 Oct Pitch Talk: vCONNECT Crew Communication Analytics

27 Oct Introduction to distributed simulation

05 Nov Build Distributed Simulations with ease

10 Nov Cross-Domain Security – The bigger picture

19 Nov Distributed Air Force Training using HLA


Bjorn M, Damon, Martin, Tom , Boris, Suranga & Patrick


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