Pathfinder Integration Environment –Knowledge and Resources Documentation Enabling Efficient Reuse

ABSTRACT: The NATO Modeling and Simulation Group (NMSG) under the Research and Technology Organization (RTO) has the mission to provide readily available, flexible and cost-effective means to enhance NATO operations and the vision to promote co-operation among Alliance bodies, NATO Member Nations and Partnership-for- Peace (PfP) Nations to maximize the effective utilization of M&S. NMSG is responsible for the Pathfinder program, which guides various technical activities conducted by NMSG expert groups. The Pathfinder Integration Environment (PIE) is currently defined and implemented under leadership of Technical Activity MSG-027. Part of this activity is the prototypical implementation of the Pathfinder Web Portal.

This paper presents the Web Portal in the context of MSG-027 and the Pathfinder program. The potential standards for describing M&S Resources and Knowledge for efficient reuse are the main focus of the paper.

Authors: NATO MSG-027 prepared by Andreas Tolk, presented by Björn Löfstrand
Publication: Proceedings of 2005 Euro Simulation Interoperability Workshop, 06E-SIW-007, Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization, June 2006.

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