Join us at IT²EC 2023

IT²EC is the premier event in Europe for the defense training and simulation industry, connecting professionals and experts across the globe. Every year, IT²EC brings together governments, military representatives, academia, and industry leaders to share insights, knowledge, and experience the latest advancements in military training technology.

For the 2023 edition, IT²EC will take place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from April 24-26. This year’s theme, “Accelerating Simulation and Training for NATO and Global Partners,” emphasizes the importance of innovation and training in shaping nations’ and their allies’ response to current and future operations. The conference will delve into key topics such as accelerating training across disciplines while deployed, synchronizing and integrating defense operations, and exploring the potential of wargaming, medical simulation, and civil defense applications.

As always, Pitch will attend the event with a booth, but to add even more value to your visit we’ve gone the extra mile and put together four 15-minute Expert Sessions. In these sessions we’ll share our knowledge and experience on some of the most frequent questions we get. Join us in booth C50 to learn more about:

HLA 101 – What? Why? How?

When? Monday, 12:15-12:30 
Where? Booth C50 @ IT²EC
Who? Fredrik Antelius, Head of Product Development 

For those involved in distributed simulation, the High Level Architecture, or HLA, is a crucial component for enabling data exchange and interoperability. But what exactly is HLA and how does it work? In this presentation, we delve into the details of HLA, exploring the key concepts and processes that make it such a powerful standard. Whether you’re a policymaker, a developer, or just someone interested in cutting-edge technology, we hope you’ll find something of value in this comprehensive beginner guide to HLA!

Interoperability is a strategic investment!

When? Tuesday 11:00-11:15
Where? Booth C50 @ IT²EC
Who? Björn Löfstrand, Vice President

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, the ability to effectively collaborate and share information is essential, especially for the defense and space industry. As a consequence, interoperability between systems has quickly risen from just being a technical decision for developers to a top-level strategic issue that is key to enable organizations to achieve their mission objectives in training and in the field. With a continued surge of new technology and increased demand for day zero readiness, the need for interoperability is only set to grow. Join us for a presentation that explores:

  • Why interoperability has transformed into a top-level strategic issue. 
  • The benefits of adopting a strategic view on interoperability
  • The Role of Policymakers in Promoting Interoperability

Make, buy, or reuse your simulation backbone?

When? Tuesday 13:30-13:45
Where? Booth C50 @ IT²EC
Who? Suranga Wickramasekera, UK Business Development Manager

The evolution of the modern battlefield has increased the demand for training solutions that mirror the complexity of the real world. This, in turn, puts increased pressure on training system Integrators in general, and Technical Leads in particular, who are responsible for designing cost-effective architecture and tech-stacks that successfully deliver on ambitious training goals.

But even though the overall complexity increases, the backbone requirements at large remain identical. The simulator needs to be interoperable with other existing systems, it needs to record, store, and play back data in sync, and often needs to simulate communication between trainees.

The pressure to innovate while keeping costs at bay often leads to an important internal question being asked: Should I reuse an existing internal framework, create a new proprietary solution, or buy my backbone as COTS? Join us for an insightful presentation where we’ll discuss the pros and cons of making or buying your simulation backbone!

How to successfully deliver interoperable solutions

When? Wednesday 13:00-13:15
Where? Booth C50 @ IT²EC
Presenter: Björn Möller

Whether you’re managing a small or large-scale project, the task of transitioning from procurement to program delivery, and transforming technical demos and PowerPoint slides into a tangible system can be daunting. At the helm of this transition stands the program manager, soon to become either the internal hero that achieved a successful program delivery or the villain responsible for delays, cost overruns, and ultimately, failure to reach program objectives and deliverables.

Pitch has spent over 30 years working alongside government agencies and companies in the defense and space industry to ensure successful program deliveries. We’ve seen success, failure, and everything in between. In this presentation, Björn Möller will share his advice on best practices and common pitfalls to avoid, so you can confidently lead your team and achieve success.


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