Releases of pRTI 5.5.6 and Unreal Engine Connector 1.2

Pitch Technologies is happy to announce we’ve recently enhanced our infrastructure product suite with new releases of Pitch pRTI and Pitch Unreal Engine Connector. The releases contain several overall performance improvements and takes care of a few minor issues.

Pitch pRTI 5.5.6

Pitch pRTI is the core of Pitch simulation infrastructure that enables companies to exchange data and synchronise events in HLA based simulators. The latest release, Pitch pRTI 5.5.6, contains several improvements and fixes some minor issues:

  • The development and deployment of C++ based federates is less error prone. The handling of library path and class path is simpler.
  • Added preview support for new HLA 4 C++ API. The HLA 4 C++ and Java APIs are drafts from the Product Development Group, as of 2022-09-12.
  • Other improvements include native support for Apple Silicon Mac, updated the bundled Java to version 11, and an improved instance naming strategy.

To learn more about Pitch pRTI’s capabilities, make sure to visit the product page.

Pitch Unreal Engine Connector 1.2

Pitch Unreal Engine Connector connects the impressive capabilities of the Unreal Engine with the well-established worlds of HLA and DIS. The solution has many use cases with more and more aerospace and defence users looking to integrate the latest gaming technology in their simulators.

With the latest 1.2 release, Pitch Unreal Engine Connector is now available as an SDK edition for developers. With the SDK developers can extend the capabilities of the Standard edition to support more attributes and more 3D model properties. It’s also possible to add support for new types of actors like aggregated entities. With the SDK it’s also possible to support other object models than the RPR FOM.

The release also adds support for Unreal Engine 5.0 without loss of backwards compatibility with Unreal Engine 4.27. To learn more about the Unreal Engine Connector capabilities, make sure to visit the product page.

Want to learn more?

As the need for complex simulation tools increases Pitch Technologies will continue to improve its product line to meet customer needs. For more information or a demo of Pitch pRTI and Pitch Unreal Engine Connector, please contact us.